Monday, August 31, 2009

In the Mood

Ok, I think I have finally, FINALLY reached a point where I am happy with the "look" of this blog.  Not easy, being the nit-picky designer with seriously limited HTML experience that I am!  I have been itching to post, however, especially difficult to admit since it was my husband who recommended I start a blog.  I must, sadly, admit, however, that I think I may like it.  Time will tell!  Today, I want to mention the vintage seller's dream magazine layout; entitled "In the Mood" and filling pages 502-517 of the Fall 2009 Issue of Vogue.  Yes, VOGUE.  Fifteen sumptuous pages of 1940's inspired styles in the glorious hands of fashion photographer Stephen Meisel.  Check it out girls - Vogue has officially deemed 1940's chic for fall!  (Thank you Anna Wintour.)

(Note: All photos Copyright Vogue Magazine and Stephen Meisel)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Last month while cruising eBay, a couple of magazines from one seller caught my eye. They were called "Flair" and I had not heard of them before. Although I tossed in some bids before leaving the house (as opposed to my usual last-minute-finger-on-the-button technique) I was surprised to see I'd won them both later in the day. A week or so later they arrived and they were FABULOUS! I had no idea what I was purchasing, and, only afterwards did I bother to research them a bit. I am posting photos of the two issues I found (less than $20 each - you need NOT pay more!) plus two fab images from the cutting edge first issue. Look at those illustrations! Look at that photo layout! Lasting only 12 issues in 1950, this magazine was "maverick-y" for sure! For more info, take a look at this article summarizing an exhibition about the magazine from 2003




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