Tuesday, September 1, 2009

80's Redux

My mailman pushed this through the slot the other day, sucking me immediately back into 1984.  Wow.  Urban Outfitters really got it right.  I mean, the makeup is a tad on the light side, and, why she is holding her hair up with her hands when a good solid spritz of gel spray would hold those bangs up all day is beyond me, but, they did good.  As a follower of all things vintage since, oh, I don't know - 1984? - this is a jolt.  1984 is that sweet spot for me where vintage meets reality.  Where vintage transitions from what makes me feel young to what makes me feel old.  If the 80's are in, then, I am out.  
What I have to get me through is that adult cynicism that we adults love (Oh god, am I an adult?) and kids loathe.  Yes, you look very "eighties" little girl, but did you buy that jacket at the Salvation Army? That coat from a pile of men's overcoats from a bin outside Canal Jean Company? Did you find those shoes on a doorstep in the city and wear them as your own for two years following?   Did your black bangles and faux rhinestones come from a street vendor on 6th Avenue? Did you sneak into the 1984 MTV Music Awards at Radio City?  Have you danced at Danceteria?  Have you?  Have you?  No.  Well, we'll talk when you have.

Receiving this catalogue also reminded me of the two 80's Barney's catalogues I had stashed away.  This is my primary reason for this post.  The rest is a long-winded intro.  The catalogue with the black cover as I recall, debuted Barney's new store on 7th Avenue in 1986.  The photos, I believe, are Sheila Metzner, although there is no photo credit given. 
The other dates to 1989 and I am unsure of the photographer.  No credit given.  I'm sure whoever he or she was, however, they were well-aware of Flair.  

So the question is: should I sell these or keep them?  I'm thinking sell, on eBay.  Or Etsy.  Not sure.  Any opinion on that?

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  1. I think they would do better on ebay! I am seeing a lot of these girls around, and yes most of their clothes are from UO! The 90s coming back makes me feel like an adult too, ugh! lol


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