Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cleaning Day!

I have collected vintage magazines for decades and still nothing makes me laugh more than these vintage images of women cleaning and cooking in dress and heels!  First of all, I can count on one hand the number times I have worn heels in my own house and they are the three parties and one wedding that were held here!  The fact that women were conditioned to think they should always be decked in heels and a dress - even while doing housework - is remarkable in this age where it is acceptable (to some!) for women to walk around in public in PJ's and sweats that read "sexy' across their butt!
More than impractical, it seems downright dangerous to me to be waxing the floors in 3 inch heels!
She looks so proud!  I suppose those pockets make the dress "practical" but the pearl earrings and pumps say "I'm a woman, hear me...wash!"
Clearly it was not enough to wear 4" heels a pink dress and ruffled apron while cooking what looks like dessert for 32 people; you also had time to make a little matching outfit for your daughter....
This stove is so amazing, the entire neighborhood got decked out in their finest for a visit!  Is it me, or, is that the Queen of England in the black hat?  Now THAT is a special stove!


  1. That stove is pretty amazing (coming from a gal with an apartment size one that my cookie sheets and muffin tins won't fit into), I would dress up too. I have to go put on stilettos and scrub the tub now.

  2. Love those hot shoes in the Presteline ad (the black slingbacks). There is nothing new under the sun; the shoes would be right at home on today's red carpet. (But not so much on a homemaker!)

  3. Where the hell is that stove? In the library? The appliances and pans in the background look like they are on bookshelves. Where are the gaspipe and exhaust? The women are standing where the connections should be.

  4. Must be a New York Apartment. The shower is also just out of sight in the middle of the room beside the stove.


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