Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Fashion Week - Vintage Style

They can't have ALL the fun over there in Paris so we are having a Fall Fashion Week of our own - vintage-style of course! - all this week at Carmen & Ginger.  The fun starts tonight, so, set your clocks and get ready to click!  I am posting some pics here to give you a taste of vintage goodness to come.  Once the items are posted in the shop, I will make the links live.
We've got lots of hipster goodies!
Chunky vintage gems in incredible fall colors!
Drool-worthy accessories!

And some real gems, like this vintage 1970's Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress - Oh My!
Times are tough when you find a 1970s DVF in YOUR SIZE and you have to sell it!  It even makes me look like I have a flat belly!  Sigh... Damn this recession!  My loss is your gain, so, keep watching...


  1. That suede coat takes me back... I had a similar one in college but with a fake-fur collar and cuffs. Loved it so much!

    Enjoying your site, Christine. :-)

  2. oh that third item (bracelet or necklace not sure) and the purple purse, will make sure to check out the store.

  3. I can picture you in that coat Anne! Thanks for stopping by - so great to hear from you!


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