Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fashion Your Seatbelts! - Where Do You Find That Stuff? - Part 3

If you are into vintage fashion, there is nothing that will get your heart pumping like seeing a sign like this on a gorgeous September morning.  Ok, I'll admit, the woman was nice enough to also put an ad in the paper, which my mom of course spied with her vintage radar glasses the night before!   We were headed there sign or not!

If this looks good to you, imagine what it looked like BEFORE I grabbed about 35 dresses, suits, and vintage lingerie pieces off of there!  (You thought I stopped to photograph before I shopped?  Are you crazy?)

The woman having the sale - we'll call her Ms. K. - owned a vintage clothing shop a few years back and was selling off much of her inventory at the yard sale.  This lemon chiffon above was gorgeous, but, had a stain that made it "iiffy" for resale.  Ms. K., however, helped me to find and select an amazing amount of goodies in terrific vintage condition!  She was the nicest person you could ever hope to find selling this stuff. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and, because I bought a giant mound of stuff, she gave me a good deal!  (She did not give it away mind you, she IS a business woman & she's no slouch!)

Here's a boring peek at some of the stuff all neatly packed up.  This will take me a while to inventory and photograph but I'm absolutely going to have a selection of it in Carmen & Ginger on Etsy very soon! Keep reading for some choice previews and gloating...

I found some hats at that sale, and, also at the following sale!  Don't they look cute all together?  (Hat stands and forms courtesy of Ms. K.!)

I think this was the first dress I touched when I arrived.  Mon Dieu!  How gorgeous!  Vintage deep plum rayon crepe with these amazing applied art nouveau pocket details - yes, POCKET details!  May date as early as the 1930's on this one....  (Please forgive the photos, is is dark and dreary in New England this morning!)

Carmen and Ginger will absolutely be having a Mad Men Fest again very soon! (I'll iron this suit first!)  This is one of several early 1960's jacket and skirt, or, jacket and shift dress wool suits found yesterday.  Plus a hot pink overcoat!  We'll post on here when that happens...likely in the next few weeks...

Is it my imagination, or did Katharine Hepburn wear this dress in "Bringing Up Baby?"  Tiny little silver sequin clusters are stitched onto a fine black netting that completely covers a pink silk body to the dress.  Holy cats!

While I was still reeling from my vintage clothing finds, my mom - uber-finder-of-great-stuff - stole this book right out from under my nose at a church sale!  Ok, well, maybe I was at that part of the table first and walked right by it...  Very hard to find, in fantastic condition and signed by the author, this book is a must have for the fashion historian.  She will be selling this at some point soon, perhaps in her Etsy shop.  (11.6.09 Update: Mom just listed this in her shop!  Click the photos above or here to see the listing!)

Hmnnnn....looks like Carmen and Ginger may need to do a two-dress destash from her own closet to justify keeping these two vintage rayon crepe beauties!  I do think they should be kept, don't you?  (PS: I will release a 1950's Black Grace Kelly Style Dancing Dress and a 1930's Floral Crepe Bias Cut Day Dress - both mint! - this note is for blog watchers as well as C&G's husband...)

One last one...vintage late 1960's thick wool knit shirt-dress in vintage citrus green.  Imagine walking into the office in this beauty!  At C&G very soon!


  1. I saw that ad. I had a feeling you would be there. I love vintage fashion too, but I only buy it , if it's dirt cheap!!!

  2. Will be watching for the last yellow beauty (and its measurements), your shop is in my google reader for updates ;-)

  3. Okay, I wasn't jealous at first, but I'm rethinking my emotion! LOL! These dresses are fabulous~~and did you really score those hat stands? Amazing! Looking forward to seeing everything all spruced up over at C&G.



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