Monday, September 7, 2009

Little Things

Today is my second wedding anniversary, but, my husband and I celebrated last night since we are headed in different directions today. I gave him a vintage leather jacket he'd wanted but, now I think I may need to take it back:
Seems leather is NEXT year's gift.  I think I will leave him a note - on cotton - I'm sure he'll understand.  This information came courtesy of a little book I have had for years.  So sweet, I cannot even recall where I found it.  I have noticed, however, that reproductions of same book are showing up at hipster stores in college neighborhoods:
Aside from the anniversary info, it has other interesting info that is hard to find such as birthstones and flowers and the meaning of birthstones:
And of course, it has a birthday "fortune" - more like a horoscope - for each day of the year.  If today happens to be your birthday, here is what it has to say:
 Hmnn, nice!  I like collecting these little books.  Most were designed for women.  Often, they were published by manufacturers of food items or health items.  Since women were those who made the decisions on which of these items made it into the home, it was a form of advertising to create a book that the woman would use daily and see images of the items, or, helpful hints and or recipes about the product.  Here are examples of a few:
Calendars, memos, lists, recipes all were practical and provided a great source of constant advertising.

Today is Labor Day, so I will share a couple of photos to acknowledge the holiday:
I am off to spend the day with family.  I wish you the best of holidays and hope you spend it with family and friends as well.

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