Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Credentials

No, you are not looking at a photo from Martha Stewart Living or Country Living Magazine.  You are looking at a photo from "My Mom's House."  That is, my mom's house.  I snapped this pic this morning, along with a few others, to help establish my credentials in the vintage biz. 
I mean, when your mom finds, collects and displays stuff that looks like this, how can you NOT have cred in the vintage business?  I was brought up on yard sales, weaned on rummage sales and educated on the fine art of the church sale.  Flea Markets are a family event.  Whatever you do, do not say "Oh, I just threw that old thing out" in front of a family member, especially not my mother!  Horror stories of dumpsters backed up to estates of "old stuff" for a mass cleaning are still told around the family campfire with renewed gasps and "tsk tsks" every time.
My mother has the art of the yard sale down to a science.  My father jokes that she can head out to a day of sales with a specific vintage item in mind and simply find it.  My mother has found me several Bakelite necklaces - how often do you even use the phrase "Bakelite necklace" never mind in plural form? - at YARD SALES.  The woman is amazing.  Although she clearly collects and has a knack for display, she also has put her talents to use to the delight of vintage customers for years in local shops, on eBay and now, with her thriving Etsy shop, Find Me A Memory.   In fact, just this morning she shared with me the contents of this amazing box of vintage items she found recently.  I do not want to spoil her thunder, and will simply share this one tantalizing pic, but, these items will likely start to appear in her shop at some point this fall.  Stop your drooling, mark her shop as a favorite and check back often!


  1. Oh great detail shots, I was just a very retro cabin on the weekend (all orange everything) and realized how much i miss collecting. A small space will do that, I jut have no space for extra stuff the last 3 years.

  2. Loved the knife photo!

  3. Hey, I wrote a post about your new blog today and linked a couple photos, I hope that's ok! :-)


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