Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Stash - Part 1

As previously mentioned on this blog, one of the comments I get frequently - dealing in vintage jewelry - is "You must have some great jewelry for yourself!"  I do, I suppose, as I have been collecting for years.  More than any other jewelry I love necklaces and usually wear one every day.  I'm a no-nonsense jewelry kind of girl, so things that pinch, scrape, clank against the keyboard, itch, make a lot of noise or require intricate maneuvers to get on and off are not for me!  Necklaces are usually easy and trouble-free, thus, I have more of them than anything else.  Recently I noticed my personal trend of collecting vintage glass necklaces, and it is some of these that I will share today:
My mother found this piece, along with a matching bracelet and earrings, about 35 years ago at a charity consignment store in the town where we lived.  I do think I was with her the day she found it; I can picture it in the box on the counter.  A few years ago she gave it to me and it is one of my most treasured pieces.
I saw this piece at a store a while back and did not buy it.  I stopped by again a few months later and one re-look convinced me that I could not leave it this time.  I believe the glass is Czech. It is pressed with the art deco pattern on both sides of the main focal and the two matching pieces above.  Amazing.
A few years ago I found this necklace at one of my favorite local consignment haunts.  In the same store I found another item that I planned to sell on eBay.  The sold item brought in more than the necklace, so, in Carmen and Ginger logic, the necklace was free.
Big thank you again to mom who found this, I believe, at a yard sale.  So so delicate, I actually pushed these coral colored faceted glass gems together for the pic.  In actuality, they dangle about 3-4" away from each other along this incredibly delicate silver chain.
I think in my family the most cherished items are not only those you find for yourself, but those you find for yourself for a bargain!  This flapper-style circa 1920's necklace I found several years ago at my favorite local church sale.  (It is actually in another state, but, I typically drive there for it annually!)   Hanging on the little "tree" with the other necklaces was this glass beauty. Look at those black glass rings!  I think I paid $3.


  1. Oh wow wow, my faves are the pieces your mom found (sorry ;-). Oh yeah, did I tell you the giveaway is up?

  2. Just b/c you are buttering up my mom does NOT mean she is going to start buying for you, girl!

    And, yes, I know - so fun!


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