Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Overshared & Oversaturated

I guess no blog would be worth its salt if there were not some amount of oversharing.  I may have already crossed that line - all the while telling my friends and family "My blog is different from other blogs, I don't overshare like those others..."  Today, then, is about me me me.  My stuff.  What I like.  Which, I guess is what I write about daily.  At least I have a focus today and it is on my love of oversaturated "stuff."  Truthfully, the word "oversaturated" is not really a word, according to Merriam-Webster, but, I'm going to use it regardless.  Afterall, this is MY Blog, MY stuff, MY world, MY vocabulary... All right, I'll stop.

Oversaturated, in my definition, is heightened color.  You see it often in items produced in the early to mid part of the last century.  Papers, cookie jars, plasterware often had this wonderfully saturated palette of incredibly vibrant colors placed side by side.  I define a "collection" as having three or more of a similar category of items.  I guess, therefore, that I started "collecting" saturated plaster and chalkware figurines at some point last year.  I went from 0 - 5 very quickly.  I think the dog was first; I was doing an eBay search for something completely unrelated, saw the dog, and had to have him!  You see these dogs come up once in a while - they are called Bonzo dogs - since they were inexpensively produced for carnival premiums, etc, they are often sloppily done and have a variety of features.  Sometimes they look dopey, sometimes, sinister, but this guy just looked so adorably earnest I had to have him!

Aside from the Bonzo, and, another dopey and lovable pup found for me by by husband at Brimfield, most of my figures are women.  I found the Annie Oakley figure intending to sell her last year, but, once I got her home I simply could not part with her.  The flamenco dancer and two women's portrait heads followed at some point and it is all over now.  Once you cross that line of "three" you are hooked....

I also have an annoying habit of picking up all sorts of little bits of things with heightened saturation - paper, metal, plastic, colorful bits - which are difficult to display and huge dust collectors!  When I transitioned this glass-fronted yard-sale find cabinet (covered in silver spray paint when found) to a display area, it all came together quite nicely.

Some of these items you have seen before on my blog - some you even may see in my Etsy Shop.  Often, if I find a group of great similar items, I will set aside one or two for myself for display or collage work, and offer the balance back to others on Etsy.  That is the case with the old milk caps below and great ball of string up above.

As a collage artist, I love to keep this display of oversaturated goodies, slices of history and little textural bits around me.  To me they are beautiful, and, inspiring to my work.  I hope you enjoy them as well.  This is all (for today) about me me me.

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  1. Wow, great collection. I used to collect lots of different things, but when me and the hubby moved to Vancouver I got rid or stored them all (no room in the new small place). I miss my crinolin collection most of all (12 = more than 3!). :-)


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