Saturday, September 19, 2009

Photo Booth Love

I am not the first, last, nor nearly the most fanatical person to adore photo booth photos.  There are many much more impassioned and knowledgeable than I about this topic.  Click here for one example.  I do have a few photos, however, and the one thing about these photos that is so remarkable is that there is always only one.  If you have one, you have the only one, so, you are somewhat obliged to share! 

I think this guy was one of the first photo booth photos I ever found.  I love the metal Photomatic frame.  Does this guy look like he is traveling with a machine gun in the violin case or what?

This woman is so beautiful and stylish!  These were found in a 1944 photo album.  Clearly, she was a fan of the photo booth!  Love those hats!  That killer red lipstick!  What a babe...

This pair is the reverse of the little mini folio that began this post.  I love the collection of friends in this tiny wallet-sized folio, the fact that the folio dates to the late 1940's or early 1950's and that the friends are an interracial group.  What a fascinating little slice of history!  If you want to find a place near you where you and your friends can enjoy the photo booth experience first hand, click here.

This last group of photos were all found together in a large lot of pictures from the 1930's.  A friend had given me an unusual single-page photo album, into which these photo booth photos fit perfectly.  I will close today with a photo booth slide show:

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  1. Oh lovely step back in time... when my husband and I were dating we would pose in photobooths. :-)


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