Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Do You Keep? - Part 1

My husband is sure to scan this post with interest, certain that I am secreting away gems daily without his knowledge.  Truth is, I don't keep much.  Times are tough on everyone, and, my Etsy shop and vintage reselling is for profit.  If I kept everything I liked I would have nothing left to sell!  I do, occasionally, however, set aside something for myself.  Here are a select few with stories (and cost, husband!) for you to drool over...
Last month I went to visit my friend's newborn son (my Godchild!) in Maryland.  En route, I decided to detour north about 30 miles and check out the Golden Nugget Antique Market in Lambertsville, NJ.  What a place!  I arrived late morning on a 90+ degree day and it was hot, but, full of great stuff!  I spent most of my time looking at the outdoor tables before realizing there was a large tent (shade!) at one end with amazing selections of costume jewelry!  Down the far end I found Joy, the nicest vintage jewelry seller you will ever meet and, with one amazing collection of stuff!  I bought about fifteen pieces from Joy's collection for resale, but, I kept this little West German number for myself.  All plastic, but what a gem!  Because I bought a number of pieces this item ended up costing me $3.00.  Thank you Joy!  (PS: I think she is there once a month and maybe more often in the fall...)
I frequent this national consignment chain more than I care to admit, but, with the turnover volume, cleanliness and air conditioning in the summer heat, who can resist?  I found this necklace in a baggie for $2.99.  It quickly became the staple of my summer jewelry and I have had more compliments on this piece than any others that cost ten and twenty times more!
A dealer at a local antiques mall was selling off his rhinestone collection with a 50% sale.  I bought a bunch of gems for my shop (many went out the door in a flash!) but I kept this gorgeous early enameled piece for myself.  I believe I paid about $10. The construction is exquisite, but it is unmarked.  Imagine my delight when I found evidence that this is likely a 1939 Adolph Katz Coro brooch:
Thank you to Julia Carroll for her wonderful books on Collecting Costume Jewelry.   The patent for 115043 on page 41 of her book is a very good match, and, as she also shows in her book, the final piece often changed slightly from the originally patented design.  (Update 9.8.09: I discovered today that my brooch is not this design patent 115043 as I found the matching brooch posted here on-line.   I am still researching, however - send along any info you may have!)

Now, husband, before you get all in a lather that I am keeping my best items for myself, let me also show this delightful piece I found recently:
Clearly the Katz design from 1940.  The book speculates that this may be a trembler piece but this one is not.  It is a beautiful early Coro Katz Duette Clip however, and, although not yet in my shop, will make an appearance at some point this fall...

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  1. That second necklace is so divine, a perfect summer staple. And you have to keep some things, we are women after all! Getting more of a sense of your style here...


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