Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Not To...Hair

This week is shaping up to be an 80's revival week for me, what with my husband agreeing to watch Mystic Pizza for the first time (he could not help snickering over a young D'Onofrio!) and an 80's Fall Fashion weekend beginning today at Carmen and Ginger!   I decided, therefore, to put my own aforementioned (see hat post) coif to the fire and have some fun!
My hair stylist rolls her eyes (away from the mirror so I cannot see) whenever I launch into my "I turned 13 in 1979 and graduated college in 1988.  I can make my hair do ANYTHING!" spiel.   But it is true.  Heading into puberty in 1979 with bone straight hair in the age of Farrah Fawcett and new hair heights was both an emotional and, coiffurial challenge!  Here I am at age 13 with my first attempts at self-styling.  Oh, if they only had the styling products then that they have now my teenage years would have been so much less angst-ridden!
By age 14 and 15 I was getting much handier with that curling iron.  My straight hair required lots of layers, lots of curling iron time and lots of hairspray.  Look - it even held on a boat ride!
By the time I turned 16 my arm had cramps from all that morning curling so I decided to chop it all off.  Instead, I mastered the art of the feathered hair just in time for my senior picture.
I regretted chopping it all off from day one, and refused to cut it (the back, that is!) for years.  By my sophomore year of college I had developed this long/short thing with long hair in the back, but short bangs with lots of curling iron action and hairspray in the front.
The long/short trend persisted.  In this pic from 1988, you can see that each one of us has our own version of the long/short with each adding our own artistic flourish to our bangs.  That's me on the far right. I will not disclose the identities of the others but you know who you are!

This is the most cringe-worthy photo of myself that I own.  New Year's Eve, 1988/89.  Can you say Dynasty?
By 1989 I had my first full time job and I chopped off the back.  I still could not give up on that round brush and hairspray action up front, however!
In 1990 I decided that a perm would make things simpler.  Alas, I was still curling those bangs...
If you enjoyed this little 80's revival post, be sure to check out the 80's items offered this weekend at Carmen and Ginger.  This little leather red jacket is just a tease of goodies to be posted soon.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is hysterical. I do remember attempting the Fawcett do back in 1979, but that was an abject failure. I'm proud to say I was too lazy to do the curling iron (although I did own one) and hair spray (never did that).
    I would have never believed you attempted a look from the Dynasty era if it were not for that photographic evidence...
    I must say when Mystic Pizza first came out, I loved it...
    Thanks for the flashback!

  2. haha! I like your hair in the senior photo though... and the dynasty look? cringe no longer as it is all the rage!! long hair with short puffy bangs is NEVER a good look, lol!!! and yes, I had perms in the early 90s too - awful!

  3. I loved this post!!! It brought me back. I escaped the long short thing as I graduated from college in 1980. Thank God!! It kills me when I see middle aged women still wearing this look!!! EEE=GAD!!!!!


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