Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where Do You FIND That Stuff? - Part 1

As a long time collector and, more recent reseller of vintage and antique items, this is probably the common question I hear.  Now that I am 99% reseller (layoffs will do that to a girl!) and 1% collector, I also hear:

What do you keep?
What jewelry do you own yourself?
How do you know about that stuff?

This will therefore be the first post in what I expect will be a long, informative, and, much followed series on this blog.  Well, OK, maybe I should just hope to post a few funny pictures.  In any case, this is Part One of "Where do you FIND all that stuff?"

The answer, always, is everywhere.  I look everywhere.  I have to.  It is as much timing as "knowing where to go."  I may know where to go but if someone else knows where to go 5 minutes before me then, what good is the knowledge?  You have to look everywhere, all the time, and keep an open mind.  Thrift shops, consignment stores, flea markets, yard sales, and, yes, even the dare-you-admit-it "stuff piled by the side of the road" are places to look.  There are more, but we will start here.  And for fun, we'll start with these two pics I took at a Flea Market about 20 years ago.

A little dreary, huh?  Doesn't look much different today!  Except some Etsy-er would grab that box of Barbies and make a hula skirt of Barbies or something similar.  I still go to this bi-annual Flea devotedly and, am excited to report, it will occur again in the next few weeks - yippee!  And just in case you are still skeptical of what can come from such a place, check out these two beauties below, already sold at Carmen and Ginger within days of posting, that came exactly from this sort of place.
Oh, and one last item - the lovely hair adornment above also came from this exact sale, as did the blue dress this past spring.  It is still for sale, so click on the link to check out flea market bling!


  1. A Barbie Doll Hula Skirt? Kind of awesome! Loving the blog, will add you to my google reader and blogroll. :-)

  2. oh crap, I made a rule to not say love in comments anymore! Broke it already, lol.

  3. i will never forget being with you at a garage sale where the woman said, 'oh, you can have the broken ceramic thingy for free,' which you then turned around and sold on ebay for like $200. Or the 50 cent celery dish from savers that was worth a couple hundred too. it's not just knowing where to go, but what to buy as well. i guess that's in your genes. and that's why you're my favorite person to shop with! jill

  4. Thanks Jill! (it was actually only $100 on eBay, but, I'll try harder with the next "free" item!)


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