Monday, September 21, 2009

Where Do You Find That Stuff? - Part 2

Ahhh...the fall flea market in New England.  One of my favorite places to be.  Yesterday was a great one; great weather, great stuff and great finds.  This semi-annual flea on the South Shore of Massachusetts was all that I had hoped for.

Typical flea people, typical flea junk - good and bad - and typical flea joy!  Hmnn...maybe I should have snagged that banner from 1966 afterall...

One of my personal passions is chairs.  I have always loved them, and, enjoy finding interesting and unusual specimens.  This one was so fabulous, I had to snap a pic.  I did not even check the price as I did not want to know.  Being the laid-off-suddenly-vintage-dealer that I am, I needed to focus on items for my Etsy shop, not (sigh) beauties like this that I cannot afford...

Lots of great mid-century to be found in this little coastal New England town with its passion for primitives!  And that pair of European garden chairs for $60 - clearly an Anthropologie stylist was not at this flea!

I was happy to abscond with some typical flea-fare; great photos and ephemera!  Along with some other gems...

...pretty baubles....

...more fantastic vintage photos...

...and some possible Juliana; currently in for verification.
Update!: Bottom pair verified here as of 9.22.09!
(See photos #166 & 167)

A trip to the flea would not be complete without a late breakfast down at Arthur & Pat's.  I had something called the "Oh My God" which included smoked salmon with poached eggs, capers and onions on a potato pancake with a bed of fresh greens.  Wow.  As you can see, the options are endless; both traditional and avante garde!

Of course, I found so many more new goodies that I cannot possibly share them all with you here.  You will just have to check my shop to see them all!


  1. Those necklaces look like candy -- good enough to eat!

  2. Mnnn - don't they? All those glittering jewels from all that dusty stuff - never ceases to challenge and amaze me!

  3. Yes, there is always sooo much junk, lol. I haven't had much luck at flea markets, I need to find better ones.

  4. I have a high tolerance for "digging." :-)


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