Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cats, Christmas and Goodwill

Ahhh...the Christmas season is upon us.  A time of year of twinkling lights, dangling ornaments, and festive ribbons.  And in the midst of it all...our adorable, lovable cats.

Wait a he about to a) eat tinsel?, b) bat my vintage ornament across the room? or c) get kitty spittle all over that nice ribbon as he tried to ingest it in a single swallow?  The answer is, any of the three, in an instant...get that cat outta there!  Cats and Christmas go together about as well as a bull in a china shop, at least for any of us that actually care about our Christmas decorations (or our cats!).  At least my guys are lucky enough to have a home.  The brat above was taken in off the streets of Providence as a scrappy teenager, and, his adopted "sister" (shown in the last pic) came from a local shelter.  Some cats, however, are not so lucky.  Some of them are let onto the street and are never adopted back into a home.  They naturally form colonies, and, do everything they can do to get by.  Christmas time for them is not a time of celebration, it is a time of survival.  This is why support for organizations like The Forgotten Cat are so important.

Started by a childhood friend of mine, this organization is extremely small, yet highly dedicated to helping cats in need.  Through their hard work, they have made lives of countless feral cats healthier and more enjoyable.  They have fostered cats, found new adoptive homes, and, by targeted spay and neutering programs, have significantly reduced many feral colonies to smaller, healthier, but non-reproducing groups.  Bravo!

That's me, circled in yellow, and, Michelle, of The Forgotten Cat, circled in red.  Who knew I would be a slacker blogger and she would actually be doing good in the world!

Because I don't have much money of my own right now, I thought a way to offer some support would be through my Etsy shops.  I am therefore donating 10% of all gross profits for all vintage and handmade Christmas items sold through Carmen and Ginger and Hang Out a Shingle from now through the holiday.  I will post the results as they accumulate, so, take a look!  This includes all items, even custom orders, so if you see anything you like as a custom item, send me a convo!
(Donate, or we will eat your tinsel!)


  1. You are so NICE! We have a group of ferral cats in my neighborhood. They have skin diseases and whatnot. It would help if our neighbors who have cats would get them spayed or neutered. No luck and we just get more and more cats! In the meantime, i have a sister and brother pair that are 8 years old. About a year ago, a little more, Zoe (the sister) began peeing on everything. Took her to the vet, no infection... behavioral. So we decided to crate train her which seems to be a new idea for cats. It worked... until about 2 months, out came the cage again, and poor thing, that's where she sits. We let her out several weeks ago and she peed everywhere! Strangest thing? She doesn't seem to WANT to come out of the cage! We open the door and she might come out now and then but for the most part she stays in there! She has to be in there at night because she will come downstairs and pee on chairs and my DINING ROOM TABLE! What is up with that? I don't know what to do with her. I could never, ever, just put her out. She's been an inside cat her whole life. Sigh!

  2. You kitties are adorable...what a wonderful thing your friend is doing with this organization. And your idea is a great way to let others help.

    I'd probably turn into the mother in Grey Gardens if it wasn't for my DH (dear husband). . .one is enough, says he.



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