Thursday, October 8, 2009

Earthy, Crunchy and...1960's Aquamarine?

Today was a day for getting things done.  Borrow a ladder, prime and paint the shingles, remove the giant tree limb that fell and crushed part of our fence, unclog the gutters, take in the last of the tomatoes, cucumbers and yes - potatoes! - before the first frost, and, of course, take over 300 photographs of yourself wearing clothes from the 1960's.

This summer was very trying here in New England since it rained, rained, rained throughout most of the early summer, thus preventing anything planted in May from beginning to grow until July.  Tomatoes are always a late harvest here, but this year, we are trying to eek out the last of them as far into October as possible!  Although some of these are split, they are still quite tasty.

For more earthy crunchy goodness, take a peek at these first pics of Loam!  This is the store where Carmen and Ginger consigned some items earlier this week.  Considering it was still under construction three days ago, these pics are amazing!  Kudos to Beth, the proprietor, and, her trusty assistant Dexter, the Pug (see above.)

How lovely is this place?  I wish it were closer to me so that I could just go hang out there.  So, so beautiful at this time of year, right on the leaf-peeping route from New York City towards the Berkshires!   It is a little over an hour's beautiful drive from Manhattan, Hartford and New Haven equally.

Beth's husband Ryan was still building this custom clothing rack and shelf the other day and look at it now!  That's all C&G's stuff there - she made it look so pretty!  Stop by and try it on!  The store's web site is still in development but we will post a link as soon as it is up and running.  Here is the location:
13 E. Shore Road   
(Intersection of Routes 202 and 45) 
New Preston, Connecticut

...and I wasn't kidding about the 300+ pics!  Thank you to Eyeliah at Style Symmetry for cluing me in to the fact that my camera's self timer function could be adapted to take as many pics per timed session as I choose!  This 300+ shoot took me 1/6 the time it would have last month.  Thank you Eyeliah!

Mad Men items to begin this weekend...all suits, coats, hats, bags and jewelry shown plus much more!  Keep watching Carmen and Ginger for early 1960's goodies!


  1. C&G, Your photos are stunning - as always. And reading your Blog about all that housework, gardening AND 300 photos to boot (not to mention you had to MODEL it all) make me feel like a Total Slacker - as always!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey - I just read about your bathroom cleaning! And, my husband helped, I just did not mention it on my blog b/c I was mad at him today...

  3. oh good I am glad to help! When I figured that out it was like the est moment ever! :) This store does look amazing, reminds me of a shop I used to frequent in Calgary back in my teens. One of my dreams is to own a consignment store, le sigh*

  4. Hi C&G,
    What a great boutique~~your stuff looks wonderful, they gave you a great display! They're living my dream !:)
    Your new photos look amazing, I'll have to look into that camera trick. Anything to save time. At least your husband helps you! Mine runs the other way! LOL!
    I can see you are super busy~I have so much to do I don't know what to do!


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