Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Stash - Part 2

Ok, I've actually shown more than two of "My Stashes" but this is the second one that is only devoted to a collection.  In this case: vintage tablecloths.  Now, my collection in no way rivals that of my my mom (see My Credentials) but, I have been collecting for years.  This is just a sampling.  I love fruit, flowers, Mexican-themed, travel and mid-century abstracts.  Basically, I like just about all of them!

Personally, I don't mind a little stain here or there.  I try to get them as clean as possible when I first find one (see next post for cleaning details!) but, I use them all for entertaining so, having a little pre-existing issue here and there keeps me stress-free.  Spilled wine?  Cocktail sauce?  Barbeque?  I just laugh it off!  (Truthfully, just spritz with OXYClean  before you go to bed, launder them the next day and they are usually just fine.)

I have always loved decorating for the Christmas holiday, and, have had an annual party for years.  It only makes sense, therefore, that I have a number of holiday cloths in my collection.  I LOVE the inclusion of the citrus green in the two above.  So mid-century.  Love the addition of that color!

How can you NOT have fun when these are adorning the table?  Even bad food tastes better!  This last one was my most recent Christmas find.  Spied on eBay off-season last winter, I snapped it up to cover my long table this year.  I love the effectiveness of the black and white drawings - Christmas ornaments all hanging by strings - from the silver tree bough bordering the deep red center.  Oh so much fun!  I'm addicted, I know...


  1. Thanks for the oxy~clean tip, I wonder if it would work with set stains? I don't really mind a mark here or there either, it tells a story!
    You have a great collection of linens!!

  2. My next post is all about cleaning set stains...hopefully by tomorrow! :-)

  3. cute collection, looking forward to your stain removal post! ;)

  4. First, how cool are you to feature me on your blog (which btw, I have been taking notes from). I was swoooonnning over all the linens you featured today and I am so jealous of some of the Christmas ones and that gray and pink Mid Century one. I will definitely be featuring you on my favorite stores on my storefront (I know that I've been a member since 2008 but I just started selling two days ago!)Thank you so much again!


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