Friday, October 30, 2009

Thank You For (Your) Recycling!

When I first started selling on Etsy, as I have mentioned in the past, I was literally pulling things out of drawers.  I'd find a box, ship something out and be done with it.  As my shop gained popularity, however, I started worrying a bit more about my "brand."  Were recycled boxes a good representation of "Carmen and Ginger?"  My volume of sales dictates that I buy bulk envelopes, and, have invested in some smaller jewelry boxes to have on-hand.  The majority of my boxed shipping, however, still goes out in found and recycled boxes.  I was oh-so-happy to learn last week that Tuesday is stocking day at my local Stop & Shop!  With an employee's permission, I filled my cart with both groceries AND empty cardboard boxes in that perfect mid-size that is oh-so-hard to find!

Although initially worried about what people would think about boxes arriving with graphics turned inside out and former contents scribbled out in giant magic marker, I should not have been.  Many of the people who buy and sell on Etsy have a healthy appreciation for the value of recycling.  These postcards above from Harvest Moon By Hand are just one great example of turning old boxes into something new, beautiful and functional!

And it is not just the sellers who show their appreciation through creativity, my buyers have shown their appreciation as well!  It is not uncommon for me to send off an item packed up in clearly recycled materials, and, to have the buyer thank me for it specifically.  Just last week I'd sent off a package in an inside-out sugar box.  Here is the note I received from the buyer:

My package from you arrived today- 
just in time to start my thanksgiving project!
Love your "green" shipping too btw.

How "sweet" is that?


  1. Yes! What I also do is recycle packages that were sent to me and write reduce, reuse, recycle on it. :-)

  2. Christine -- I just browsed your Etsy shop and shouted out loud when I saw that Remington hot curler set with the groovy blue and green floral cover. I had that exact same set!!!! Can't remember exactly when, but I knew the floral pattern the minute I glimpsed it in your thumbnail. I guess I'm an antique now. LOL

  3. What a fabulous idea! I have a friend who turns boxes inside out (like cereal boxes) for Christmas gifts. I am going to get more creative if I ever sell anything ever again! sigh!


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