Monday, October 12, 2009

We've Gone Mad

...For Mad Men!  Yes, I promised the fun would start this weekend...but, since it is a holiday weekend (for some) I am still considering this a weekend start!  We just listed about 15 items and will be adding new Mad Men themed items all week long!  So keep watching - the last time we did this, everything disappeared faster than you can say Sterling Cooper!

Looking for gloves, bags, hats, and jewels?  We've got 'em!

Stunning 1960's Dresses?  Look no further...

Don Draper Style Fedoras?  We've got several...

A stylish overcoat? We've got a couple of beauties!

Something for the guys?  We've got a little bit of everything!

A cute hat for the city?  Take a look!

A sexy wool suit?
Even we can't believe some of the beauties we found!

Stop by, take a look around, and drop us a note
if you have any questions or compliments!

All the Mad Men fun is at Carmen and Ginger all week long!


  1. Love this comparison between MM and your items for sale. The picture of the handbag, gloves and jewelry is great. The coat reminds me of my orange one from before Dad and I were married.

  2. oh, I love those buttery gloves. I should not buy as I already have so many!! But I will keep my eye out anyway....

  3. What a great post, your new stash is most Mad Men yummy! Thanks for your visit to "Tales"~~yes, I want to see the M Smith bag!



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