Sunday, October 11, 2009

We've Hung Out A Shingle!

When Carmen and Ginger first set-up shop, the plan was to sell a few vintage items while slowly transitioning over to all handmades.  Instead, the vintage items just kept selling and the handmades were getting lost in the shuffle.  We therefore decided to set up a sister shop Hang Out A Shingle and use that to feature handmade items.  This makes it all more manageable and easier to follow for everyone!


Featuring jewelry, desk accessories, gift tags, original artwork and Christmas decor, all items feature vintage ephemera, fabric, ornaments, or findings in the materials.


Take a look around, tell your friends and family.  If you like what you see, drop us a note!  (If you don't, well, you don't have to say anything...)

1 comment:

  1. oh wow, you are busy! :) Will make sure to follow this shop too.


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