Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where Do You Find That Stuff? - Part 5

No, not an auction - another great New England Flea Market!  This annual flea is in Harvard, Massachusetts, and, is typically a beautiful fall day with lots of great stuff to poke through.  This year's event was no exception.

For some reason I was compelled to photograph this corn.  I did not want to own it; just photograph it. (That's a Find Me A Memory cameo in the background there, shopping for her Etsy shop!)

I really wanted to buy this dome top trunk.  $20!  It is about 3' long.  I thought it would be a great combination storage/bench in my back hall, but, I just cannot really be buying for myself right now.  Sigh.

Not too many crazies at this flea.  Aside from the dealer who cornered me for fifteen minutes detailing her outrage that Barbra Streisand tried to bargain her down on a $30 item at Brimfield ("I talked to people in Aruba who already heard the story!  My sister says I can be sued for slander but I'm tellin' everybody!")  I had already heard a similar story of outrage involving James Woods and a local RI dealer, but, in my opinion, Babs and Jimmy can bargain just like anyone else.  Why should they have to pay full price when the rest of us can dicker?  As a dealer, either you dicker or you don't.  I just wanted to pay for my chrome clock but I had to stand there with a frozen smile on my face for the full fifteen.  Deep sigh.  Of course, there was also the dealer who agreed to my offered price as long as I helped him carry an antique blanket chest OVER A STONE WALL to his van. (I did it.)  Heavy sigh.  And of course there was ME, the biggest crazy of all, aside from carrying a blanket chest, announcing to everyone that someone had stolen something from my bag when in fact, I later realized I'd moved it myself.  Very heavy sigh.  But aside from that minor craziness it was a pretty tame day.

The minute I made eye contact with this pair of Jack Russells it was all over!  They just both wanted all of my attention immediately!  I tried to give equal love for a few minutes and they seemed to be satisfied.

I bought this box of linens (don't drool too much, they need LOTS of work!) from one dealer and then walked over and plunked it down next to another dealer's booth to join my mother as she shopped.  The next thing I know, my mother's trying to shop out of my box!  The apple does not fall far in this family...

I bought a pair of these sweaters from the original owner who bought a matching set for herself and her future husband in 1954 (They were married in 1957.)  Her sister (who I also met!) knitted her the matching socks.  They had been stored in a cedar chest for years and were clean and ready to wear.  I am keeping this one (Actually the husband's but, still quite small) and will be selling the small woman's sweater (in perfect condition) in Carmen and Ginger soon!  Oh, and I am keeping those great socks for myself...

Excuse the blurry photo; it was getting quite dark here but I wanted to give a little tease of today's found items to appear soon in Carmen and Ginger!  Perhaps the effect is "mysterious?"  Christmas goodies, (A new sister-in-law gift), Scottish Terrier items, vintage hats, housewares, and of course jewels!  Keep watching....

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  1. Yes, that sweater sure caught my eye in your photos here. I am glad you keep some stuff for yourself. I can't believe you listened fr 15 minutes, I'm not that patient I woulda dropped the clock and moved on, le sigh it would be a good thinkg if I was more diplomatic.


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