Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day Trip From New York...

Update May 2010: Sadly, Loam fell victim to a terrible economy in which to try to generate business.  The location, though beautiful, was tricky, and, people simply were not spending money over the last year.  Although they made a valiant attempt, Loam closed its doors not long into 2010.  I will leave this post, however, as an homage to a beautiful idea.

I did not actually drive from New York myself, but, the trip is only about an hour from the city and a beautiful and worthwhile trip it is!  We are talking about Loam, the super-chic, nestled-in-the-woods oasis of sumptuous handknit sweaters, industrial chic vintage goodies, one-of-a-kind gems, handmade baubles, original artwork and select vintage clothing (which, I admit, is partially provided by Carmen & Ginger!)
The charming and talented proprietor Beth (in first pic - disliking me for insisting on photographing that beautiful face of hers...) has been diligently  - and tastefully, of course! - dressing the place up for the holidays.  As if it could be made any more lovely!  If anyone can do it, she can, and she was still personally creating all the hand-felted ornaments for this tree when I arrived!
If you can believe it, smack in the middle of this gorgeous arrangements of touchable goods, is this incredible floor-to ceiling picture window view outside!
Carmen and Ginger is so grateful to have our merchandise so beautifully merchandised alongside all these wondrous objects!  We just dropped off some gorgeous vintage sweaters, a few more holiday dresses, some funky winter hats and a number of great vintage coats, so, if you've looked before, check again!

I was admiring the mural on the wall when I suddenly realized it was not a mural at all.  In fact, it was a beautiful arrangement of old metal water cranks!  This is just one example of the unexpected whimsy you will find alongside the sophisticated objects at Loam.
So, pack your bags, or, well, it's only an hour away, so, packing may be extreme!

13 East Shore Road
(Junction of Route 202 & Route 45 North)  
New Preston, CT
Open Thursday through Monday 11:00 - 5:00 daily.

From New York City:  Find your way north to Route 84.  Take 84 East to Danbury and pick up Route 7 North.  7 will merge into Route 202 which will take you straight to New Preston!

From Hartford: Take 84 west to Waterbury where you will pick up Route 8 North.  Take 8 to Route 118 towards Litchfield.  118 will end at Route 202 onto which you will make a left hand turn and follow several miles to New Preston.

Antique and Consignment Shops abound in both directions along Route 202.  There is a charming coffee & sandwich shop in town, and, additional eateries ranging from coffee and pastry to sit-down gourmet meals within miles in each direction.  If a day-hike is your thing, bring your boots and explore - there are countless beautiful hiking trails in the area.


  1. Wish I was close enough to go too!

  2. I added "Loam" to my blog under "Shopping" with a link to this post for info~~they really should have a webpage!!!! If they do, I couldn't find it.


  3. Thanks Michelle, they are still working on their web-page, supposedly up and running soon! I'll post a link when it is live....


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