Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Glamour Girls

I have done blog posts in the past on my "models" and my mannequins, but, these two beauties are new to Carmen and Ginger.  They were found at the vintage clothing bonanza yard sale, and, had a more androgynous, Start Trek Next Generation, girlfriend-to-Data look to them when found (see below).  I decided to paint each one differently, and, to give them different hairstyles and, I think they came out pretty good!

I did not actually document my progress, sorry, but, I can sort of describe my logic.  For the woman on the left, I gave her fuller lips, thicker brows, elongated outer-eye makeup and a beauty mark to create a mid-century, 1940's 1950's look.  I also found her this longer brunette wig.  For the woman on the right, I gave her smokey eyes, high, plucked arched brows and pursed Clara Bow type lips to give her an earlier, 1920's and 1930's look.  I also chopped the heck out of a Halloween "Bob" style wig from Savers (it was way too full and went down in the back and looked more like 1982 than 1927!) to give her a retro bob.

Now that they are ready to model, they will make a full debut this week during Carmen and Ginger's Glamour listings!   This 1940's hat is one of my favorites!  Just amazing design, and, remarkably, it actually perches quite comfortably on the head!

Break open the bourbon, darling...

I found this in a case last week and did not know what it was...

Until it opened up into this!

She even does 1960's 40's revival well!  This is one of two of these Turbans from Saks.

All links will be made live as items are listed.  We've got some killer dresses, amazing necklaces and fabulous accessories at Carmen and Ginger all week so keep watching!


  1. very good, I like her mole. :-)

  2. I was just telling my husband that I need a "models". He's an artist so he has a bunch but they are all of men. he has a few women heads but no bodies. I need bodies!!! How am I suppose to model these coats I find? They just don't look as wonderful hanging on a plain ol' hanger!


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