Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If You Can't Say Something Nice...

So, I have been periodically peeking at Regretsy now for a month or two.  I have sort of a love/hate relationship with it.  I love it, and, I hate that I love it.  How can you not look at something that makes you laugh so hard you have tears streaming down your face?  Having a somewhat snarky past (no comments needed on THAT one, friends and family!) I am trying to be a kinder, gentler self.  This blog, for instance, which could go in any direction, has been pointed in a kinder, gentler direction for months now.  I have avoided snarky comments and, resisted airing my frustrations here.  Not that I don't have those thoughts.  They are here, believe me!  But, I'm trying a gentler path.  Yesterday, however, I saw this foam head with doll face surgically inserted into it and, well, I think I'm going to fall off the wagon...

Spied in a local antique mall, as you can see, lined up as a hat model alongside several unaltered heads.  I am going to presume that the proprietor of this booth either  a) had a damaged head and needed a quick-fix as the holiday season rapidly approached or b) is blind.  I am NOT going to presume that this was a premeditated act.  Not.  Possible.

Now, I am not going to tell you exactly where this head was found.  I am just sharing a disturbing sight that needed to be shared.  I have a hard time with Regretsy because they (so cleverly and insightfully) make fun of things that people make.  I have always had a hard time with this.  As an attendee of years and years worth of Church Fairs, I often return home with hand-knitted goods, homemade Teddy Bears, and other items I had no intention of buying simply because I could not make eye contact with the seller and not purchase something.  When an elderly woman spends three months on a beautiful handmade teddy bear with a $10 price tag, you MUST buy it!  When things are bad though, when they are bad it is so heartbreaking.

I shared a story with a friend on-line the other day and afterwards, it dawned on me that I honestly can't recall if this happened first hand to me or my dad.  I called him and he can't recall either.  The story is of a man proudly bringing his handmade beer can sailboat into the cafeteria of his place of employment.  He proudly displays it with a sign describing how to place a custom order.  Several months later, after no orders, he is witnessed sadly removing his creation.  Honestly, I feel like I am going to cry every time I think of this story.  And, if you are into beer can model-making then, that's GREAT!  There is nothing wrong with that.  Personally, I find them to be monuments of bad taste, however, the one above sold to someone on eBay so clearly someone likes them.  I guess this is the saving grace of Regretsy.  As much as they poke snarky fun at people, the stuff still sells! 

I use Google Analytics to track traffic to my Etsy site and blog, and, for some reason, I keep showing direct traffic from Regretsy!  I have scoured the site, and, cannot find any of my items listed.  I figure, however, it is just a matter of time.  Given my fondness for old stuff, and, lately, an obsession with glueing it all together, combined with my habit of typos in my title lines, they are bound to get me soon enough.  I can just picture the snarky comments on something like my above creation:

"Step away from the hot glue gun."

"Santa wants his elves back and he says to not bother leaving cookies this year either."


"Let us celebrate the birth of Christ by gluing someone else's 50 year old Japanese Christmas Ornaments to a fake branch made in China.  Hallelujah!"


  1. omg!! I have been working an a regretsy post - it is awesome!! I know it's bad but sometimes we need a lil bad in our lives. :-) Also thats hideous is a good one (also going to be mentioned in my post).

  2. The sad thing about the guy with the beer can boat was that when he showed it around no one wanted to say what they really felt. So what happened was everybody told him how much they liked it. This then gave him the great idea that it was marketable. That's why so much odd stuff gets offered for sale. Tell them the truth...No one wants a tea cozy made of recycled dryer lint.


  3. Oh great...now I have to look for a NEW Christmas gift for you!

  4. Well rest assured that while there may be select few who dig beer can structures, there are MANY who dig Hong Kong plastic everything and I think it's fabulous how you get that glue gun out and glue it all together!

  5. Wow you may have found new part-time work filling in for Helen Killer! I think she would DEFINITELY post Comment C. And I LIKE the snarky you... but look who's talkin', LOL.

  6. Ok, you know I adore you, but your on your way to hot glue gun rehab...that wreath is just, well, its' just........




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