Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Morning Coffee

Hey folks, just checking in to let you know we are alive at Carmen and Ginger and ready to start posting again!  See, we had a little coffee incident early this week.  I wish I could say it was an exciting incident, like coffee shooting out of my nose onto my keyboard as I choked reading a Regretsy listing, alas, it was much more mundane.  What is funny about spilling coffee on your keyboard is the denial.  When I first asked my husband for help, for instance, I simply said that my "a" key had stopped working.  I did not mention the spilled coffee (not far from the "a").  I was still hoping the issue was just some strange coincidence.  Then later, when the Dell woman from India asked me outright if I'd spilled anything on the computer I answered "Maybe."  Maybe?  "Maybe?" she repeated back to me. I could picture the spill and my attempts to clean it up quickly and still my brain was thinking "This cannot be my fault."  

I am proud to say that since my husband has been sick all week, I finally took a deep breath and installed the new laptop keyboard this morning.  I did not even curse once!  And look, my "a" key is working!  And yes, my cup of coffee is still beside me, but, hell, I'd get nothing done without it...


  1. I am going to post this as anonymous - lol. I did the same thing (but tea) still in denial wondering why the spacebar sticks. I took it out and cleaned it but it's still wrecked. Did you really have to get a new keyboard!! I am still hoping it's fixable - lol.

  2. Congrats on doing the repair. (Not that I'm surprised) I'd wondered where you'd gone!

  3. Dear Anonymous, (I assume you are someone I know?) My keyboard was fine, got worse, then, improved intermittently. I think it all depends on what gets in there, how much, if there is cream and sugar and where it lands. What I CAN tell you, is that having a new keyboard shipped overnight from Dell cost LESS than $50 - that was the best news (in response to bad) all week!
    C & G


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