Monday, November 2, 2009

Thrift Score!

Last week I went poking through the local Savers where they had clearly just stocked up on accessories.  Since there were all sorts of new belts, scarfs, hats, gloves and pocketbooks out there, I was taking my time to comb through.  Moments after returning a GAP belt I had found and liked for myself before I realized it was priced at $14.99 (Do they even cost that at the Gap?) I found this bag:

Hmnnn.  Nice lines.  Nicely made.  Price is a little higher than I normally pay but let's look further.

Very nice construction, I think my mom would like this bag.  She loves black leather bags and the shape is really beautiful and I like how the handles can fit over the shoulder, but, also work as a handbag.

Hmnn..sterling silver details?

Italian leather?

Tiffany & Co.?

I now realized I was holding what was about a $600 - $800 retail bag.  Only problem was, someone had already had this monogrammed at Tiffany's.  How could I give this to Mom with a monogram?  Oh wait, THOSE ARE MY MOTHER'S INITIALS!  Yup, all three.  Beat THAT.

Once again, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!  (Book found at last day of local Flea Market yesterday.)


  1. HOLY CRAP! (feel free to delete due to profanity but I couldn't help myself!) What a splendid find!!!!!!! What are you going to do with it? Would you keep it or sell it....hmmmm. Gosh! I am so proud of you! What an eye for the good stuff!

  2. NO WAY! This is unbelievable! Did you give it to her yet????


  3. I plan to give it to Mom, but, no I have not given it to her yet. In fact, I decided to just do the post and see when she comments. DMF! Are you out there??? Sheesh, even my Mom doesn't read my blog anymore...

  4. I am so glad you found my bag. I lost in Paris while dining out with Sarkozy. I got so mad at him because he wouldn't leave that stripper wife of his I stalked out of the restaurant without it. I have regretted it ever since. The bag was worth more than he was. I will be so happy to be reunited with it. Love, MOM

  5. That is amazing!!!! I think the bag found *you*.

    And - ha ha ha to Mom's comment. Too funny!

  6. so lucky, wow. 2 of those are my moms initials.... lol

  7. I just realised that I missed the part about how those WERE your mother's initials. What luck! This is what I get for reading blogs right before bed. I'm already an airhead I don't need sleep to accent it!

  8. WOW! You're a great daughter... I'd be listing that on eBay and maybe if it didn't sell, THEN I'd give it to my mom, LOL.

  9. You asked people to post some Thrift Scores that they had. I thought you would have a lot of people wanting to share, but you have not so I will be the first. I love to share my scores as you know and I have many things around the house that were big scores that I love, but I am only going to tell about two things.

    Your Dad loves to tell the story of when I bought the Loden Coat from Austria at the Rummage Sale in Quincy for 50 cents. I wore it for every winter for about five years and then I took it to a consignment shop and sold it for $10.

    The one score that really made an impression on me though was when I first started selling on eBay in 1997 (thank you Claudia for telling me about eBay). Up until then I had sold things in Group Shops and had always looked for Antique items to sell. I had not really considered the collectible market. Well, I bought a set of Kliban Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers at a yard sale for $2.00. They had never been used and had the paper labels on them. They were cats with fish bottoms or backsides. I listed them on eBay for $9.99 and thought that they would be great to make a few bucks on. Towards the end of the auction I started getting phone calls from people who knew I had listed them and they told me I had better check them out. The price kept going up and up and they ended selling for over $500. The couple in Texas who bought them couldn't wait to get them and loved them when they did arrive. It turns out that these were very rare and completed the collection of Kliban items they had.

    That started me in another direction for finding items that I had not previously thought about.

    Hope you have not fallen asleep reading this, but thought it might be of interest to some.


  10. Claudia @ Salvage ChicNovember 7, 2009 at 10:20 PM

    I LOVE this post!!! This is why we do what we do! Not only to make a buck , but to give someone something special that we could not otherwise afford! And I KNEW I introduced your mom to eBay!! You're welcome Diana!

  11. Those are the thrift scores that we all live and shop for! xo, suzy


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