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Ok, so I was crawling around Etsy a few weeks ago comparing prices on wreaths made from antique ornaments when I discovered the vintage holiday creations of Georgia Peachez.  Holy Cats!  Before I knew it I'd marked half her shop as favorites and finally decided on the diorama/collage above.  What a decision it was!  Every time I look back I think, hmn...maybe I should have bought THAT one.  Her signature format is rectangular with a bell below and boy are they great!  I think I like this one because I just love the box.

I am a sucker for any vintage Christmas papers, and, for the past few years have been diligently collecting and displaying vintage boxes at Christmas time.  (Can you say "Firehazard?")  I'll post later on those, once I unearth them but for now we're talking creations.  I love the long format of this box and the quirky way she creates her dioramas!  Although I have no cash I just HAD to have one!

I must admit, as a long time collage and diorama artist I was a little jealous of her creativity.  I mean, I've been making these things for years and collecting the boxes (see above) yes, the boxes as well and I never actually put together the same sort of thing.  I use the boxes in my wreaths, and, have created sculptures and other strange things from old Christmas decorations but no dioramas.  Here is a photo of my all time favorite ornament box:

How adorable is that!  It's only about 4" long and I just love it!  In fact, I made my friend wait in the cold with me for half an hour last weekend (she brought coffee - yeah!) at the same church sale where I found it a few years ago as I am convinced I will find something similar there again.  Well, we each found some good stuff but no more of these little gems.  (Georgia Peachez, are you jealous?)  Look at the adorable side graphics:

I know it's weird to be so excited, and, well, look at me - competitive! - about old Christmas ornament boxes.  It's borderline insane.  I admit it.  I can't explain it, it's just a passion you have or not.  Either you are throwing this stuff away like 98% of the population, or, you are hanging on your wall like the 2% of us.

In my wreaths, I have always used bits of old papers.  (I can never bring myself to glue the box above though!)  In this 1950's wreath I currently have listed in Hang Out A Shingle, you can see a 1950's jingle bell card (with bells still attached), vintage Christmas cards, an old 1950's box of ornament hangers and of course, the assortment of 1950's family greeting cards that create the foundation of this wreath's 1950's motif!

Last month I found this awesome arrangement to resell - as is - but by the time I got home I knew I had to keep it for myself.  Look at that mid-century kitschery!  I had been collecting Japanese Christmas Picks and Berries all year, and, had just found a cache of great hard plastic elves and deer about the same time as a huge lot of bottle brush trees when I had thought last week to create some arrangements of my own.

I had found a few one-off vintage Japanese Santa cold paint cocoa mugs so I thought...let's create!  I think they are fun; hopefully someone else will too.  If they don't sell, Mom, which one do you want?

With Thanksgiving upon us, of course, I am madly scrounging for awesome vintage Christmas goodies before everyone else, um, I mean, giving thanks, of course!  (for people with good eyes, that is!) I wanted to share some of my favorite vintage Christmas goodies and sellers that I know or have found on Etsy...take a look, but be careful, they are all addictive!

I am sad to report (for you, not her!) that every one of Georgia Peachez' outstanding ornament wreaths has sold out!  (You can still take a look in her sold items)  Maybe she will make some more?  If not, she still has a few of these collages left.  Click on the one above and grab it fast - at $10 it cannot possibly last long!

Pumpkintruck certainly did not just fall off of one! ( I guess that's a turnip truck, but you get the idea!)  I have been scoping out this woman's shop for months now.  I finally allowed myself a purchase and used an awesome set of vintage 1950's party invites as the design basis for my own party this year.  Specializing in vintage papers and ephemera, you cen never be certain what you are going to find... (except certain that you will want it!)

Stacie over at Mid-Century Mayhem has not been doing Etsy for long but boy has she put together a nice little mid-century shop quickly!  And no wonder, look at all that vintage Christmas goodness!  And quite the merchandiser I might add...

Although I have been drooling over the items new-to-Etsy but not new to the biz seller Claudia has been listing over at 23 Burton Avenue, I just noticed this week that she started listing some of her awesome wreaths!  She and her partner Christine have been making these for years - and they have the hot glue gun scars to prove it!  There is just something about the oversized scale of this one that I love!  Look at how she put the wreaths over the red balls - vintage Christmas in your face, baby!

I am such a sucker for vintage Christmas Stockings - look at this terrific pair from Holiday Kitsch Klatsch. (Love the name, what a you-know-what to spell!) You don't have to spell it, though, just click the image or name above!  As I understand it, this girl has sold vintage on Etsy for a while and decided to open a sister shop with just holiday goodies - well sister, we LOVE it!

What sort of daughter would I be without a mention of my mom's shop Find Me a Memory!  I happen to own a set of these stencils and they are awesome!  (and from 1966, the year I was born).  Many of my mom's Christmas items have sold (her prices are better than my own!) but she's a sleeper, and can find anything!  Keep watching, as I happen to know she's headed to some of her secret spots next week (and I may join her for a couple...)


  1. SO much vintage christmas goodness!! Thanks for such a fabulous post! I'm already playing my christmas cd's in my car and this weekend I will be dragging all 30 boxes of vintage christmas goodness out of my attic so that I can decorate and set up all my trees (9 at last count!), xo, suzy

  2. Claudia @ Salvage ChicNovember 25, 2009 at 11:00 PM

    Thanks for the mention and the post! I was so excited to see GeorgiaPeachez creations! Fabulouse! Christine and I both love vintage boxes and graphics!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. OMG I took one look at that pink deer arrangement and almost sped over to C&G on Etsy to see if I could buy it! SIGH... nice score.

    Thank you for the mention as well, Claudia brought the post to my attention and we are both totally enamored with GeorgiaPeachez' inspired creations... and that wreath of yours you posted is my favorite so far!!

  4. Thanks CFSC! You are very kind...hoping to stop by next Friday and see all the Holiday Goodness in person at Salvage Chic - yippee!


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