Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ice Bags, Carole and 1930's Movies

Wow.  It was this photo that led me to do a post on Carole Lombard.  I had, until recently, only been a fan of her performance in My Man Godfrey, one of my favorite films.  Since her character in that film was a bit of a flake, I had never thought of her as a bombshell, but, what a bombshell she was!

Lombard and Former Husband William Powell in My Man Godfrey

I actually found the pics in a very roundabout way.  I was listing a vintage ice bag in my Etsy shop that reminded me of something you might see in a movie from the 1930's.  I wanted an image to support my description and was having a terrible time finding one.

I had thought that I might be recalling a scene from My Man Godfrey so started looking for stills from the movie, which led me to photos of Carole Lombard.  Once I started looking at pics I started wondering what happened to her and began to learn about her short, exciting life and tragic death.

I am not going to try and detail her life for you here.  A quick peek at Wikipedia  or IMDB  (where I stole most of these photos...) will give you all the info you need.  I was surprised to learn that she had been married to both William Powell and Clark Gable.  Now that's a girl who could pick 'em!

Carole Lombard and second husband Clark Gable.

I was also quite saddened to learn that she died, tragically, along with her mother and several other people in plane crash in 1942.  She was only 33 years old, had already made over 60 Hollywood films, had been married to two of the most popular and talented actors in Hollywood and had the world at her feet. What a tragic loss.

She was described as having a feisty personality that I think comes through in her screen roles as well as these photos.  I love how in photos she transitions from bombshell to sophisticate to intellectual with ease.

Of all the wonderful photos I found, however, I think the one I liked best was of her at home on her ranch with her animals:

...and back to that ice bag.  You know, I never did find the photo I wanted with my on-line search, but, I found another Carole Lombard movie my husband and I had considered watching; Nothing Sacred.  The movie was somewhat of a disappointment, but, wouldn't you know it, there were several scenes with an ice bag!  I captured one of Carole on my computer and used it in the listing:

Carole helped me already sell the ice bag I show above, but, believe it or not (those who know me will believe it!)  I have another ready to go in the next week!  So, rent or download some Carole Lombard movies (Netflix has My Man Godfrey On-Demand!), go out and celebrate the short but talented life of this great actress, then, nurse your hangover with a vintage icebag.  Night on the town, 1930's style!

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  1. She is so glamourous, great compilation of photos. 33 is so young, that is sad.


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