Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I have collected vintage photos for years and some of my favorite subjects are winter and Christmas season themes!  I decided they would make a nice little blog post for you on this ****brrr!**** quite cold day (in New England, anyway!)  As you sit home with your morning coffee, think of these happy snow sledders!

If snowmen are more your taste, here is one that dates to the 1940's ( I think these may be Brown University students...) and one from several decades before that!

Lest you think those Edwardian women did nothing but loll around in their overstuffed parlours, think again!  Here are a few out playing peek-a-boo in the snow around a Christmas greens decorated column!

For me, nothing goes together for the holidays quite like barkcloth and Christmas decorations!  Here is a fantastic photo of a couple (we assume they have no kids!) with their cat, dog and Putz village collection!  The tropical barkcloth drapes just make the tableau! Below is a mid-fifties Christmas morning complete with small, medium and large bikes, mod lamp, MCM couch and fab abstract barkcloth drapes!

Christmas morning is a time for families and kids never look so happy as they do right after Santa's visit!

If you've seen my wreaths in Hang Out a Shingle then you already know I have a "thing" for these vintage family greeting photo cards!

From another Etsy seller I purchased this great set of photos of a little boy visiting Santa at Hess Brothers in Allentown.  Above is 1952 and 1953.  Below is 1954, 1955 and 1956.  I assume after that he was just too old for Santa...

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