Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Bonnie Cloche

There's something to be said for attractive headwear that also allows you to not make eye contact with anyone around you.  I truly wish I'd had this hat when I lived in New York City!  (Used to use a Walkman to not have to engage with everyone who talked to me.  Now, Walkmen are obsolete as is my appeal to men-on-the-street as I was 19 then and  - ahem - slightly older  now...)

This masterpiece is my custom cloche from Bonnie at Bonnie's Knitting.  I picked out the fabric, and, the buckle, she made the hat exactly to my head size and - viola!

My hat says "Made especially for you.." but, I have heard that she will actually perform this amazing feat of artistic creation for just about anyone.  Just visit her shop and you are all set!  Bonnie is also one of the nicest people on Etsy. She is patient, answers my questions about her stuff, and, also answers my questions about antique hats that have NOTHING to do with her shop.  (She is a costume historian so I take advantage of that to help educate me in describing C&G items.)

I had some fun creating this series of crazed-traveler photos for a post at Style Symmetry celebrating the lovely Eyeliah's birthday.  Truth is, I actually don't do such a layered look myself and the look below is more reflective of how I like to wear my hat.  A little more understated and channeling one of my idols, Dorothy Parker.

I also like the vintage style as a nod to my Grandmother Pauline.

If you like the look, take a trip over to Bonnie's shop.  She's got hats ready-to-go and all sorts of vintage inspired shapes to choose from!  And yes, she knits too!

Every time I look I think, hmnnn, maybe I should have picked THAT fabric. (but I love my hat!)

She even recently found a vintage hat block in an uber-universally-wearable size and has started felting from it.  It is hard to describe how much I covet this beauty.  For now, however, I will just gaze at it and enjoy my own Bonnie Cloche.


  1. hehe. :-) The post will be up tomorrow or Thursday.

  2. I also have one of Bonnie's hats. It's dreamy. (And Bonnie is super nice in real life. So nice that I would hate her if I didn't like her so much.)

  3. I liked this post. Out of all the hats from an earlier era, I'd have to say this is the most visually pleasing. I also agree that this would have been an excellent method of conveying a "don't mess with me" attitude.
    I loved the crazed-traveler snapshots. It conveys that this is a hat you don't have to worry about losing.
    You really look like your grandmother!

  4. I.LOVE.THAT.HAT. and it looks so great on you!


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