Wednesday, February 24, 2010

O Canada

I am by no means addicted to the Olympics, in fact, in my current status of part-time employment I could have it on the TV live all day but I am in no way that much of a junkie!  I have been enjoying the Ski-Cross events, however, they are so crazy and exciting!  I love how it is only 4 people at a time and the 32 to start just get whittled down and whittled down.  Just like Short Track Speed Skating and Snowboard-Cross, the fast pace, tight turns and cut-throat do or die competitiveness is addictive!   I was devastated to see her boyfriend, Chris Del Bosco wipe out on the last hill of the final the night before, but, overjoyed to see Whistler native Ashleigh McIvor take the gold last night.  How fun to see a local girl have the Olympics literally come to her, and for her to take it all!  (Especially after that witch almost cost them both a place in the finals making a reckless and unnecessary pass during the last moments of that semi-final run!)   Ok, enough Olympic talk.  I am by no means an expert and the more I talk the more mistakes I am likely to put in "print."  I will send out a big congratulations to my friends in Vancouver (you know who you are!) and a little smack when I say "You actually let us beat you at HOCKEY?"
As a  nod to the Olympics, I will share this great layout I found in the November 1974 issue in my stack of vintage Seventeen magazines.  These colors and products were so new and avante garde back then.  Today we take these colors for granted.
Can you imagine doing Ski-cross in THESE boots?  (I can't imagine it at all, having skied exactly twice in my life, but, you know what I mean.)
Again, so retro, these looks from 36 years ago are actually perfectly in style again today!
From 1974, these looks date to exactly between the medals of Janet Lynne in 1972 and Dorothy Hamill in 1974.  I'll post those two medal moments, to close, and offer a big GOOD LUCK to the Ladies Skaters who will perform their Long Programs later this week.  We'll be watching!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Bevy of Beautiful Bakelite Bangles

I had been inspired to do a "My Stash" post following the wonderful gift from my mom (who else?) -  a woman of incredible foraging and finding abilities evidenced here - who gave me this lovely carved bangle in unusual bright orange bakelite as part of my Christmas gift.
 I also allowed myself to purchase this hinged confetti beauty on my recent trip to Putnam, CT.  (Always good to bring a friend with you who will say "Yes - buy it!" - thanks Marie!) This one is not actually bakelite, but, Lucite, and what a fab find it is!

It reminds me of this great piece I have had for years that I think I found myself, although, mom, if you actually found it please accept my apologies in advance.
What I love about this one is that is is laminated so that the glitter-infused outside layer is lined in creamy bakelite.  How wonderful!
This pair is especially nostalgic to me.  I found both at Church Fairs not long into my bakelite bangle collecting.  At about 50 cents each, they were very lucky finds, which I realized in later years, as I have not had a similar bakelite find since!
I am pretty cheap when it comes to collecting but I did open my pocketbook for these two in vintage stores.  The top one is just the most beautiful color, and, the bottom has such great texture and deep carving I could not resist!
I can't recall where I found or how I received the top, apple juice bangle, but, the bottom two were a gift from my aunt from her own collection.  Do they make a great trio or what?
Of course, as always, some of the best pieces are finds and gifts from Mom.  Thanks Mom!
If you have a collection, or, are thinking of starting one, there are lots of great books out there with fabulous photos and well-informed guidance about verifying age, materials and authenticity of bakelite bangles.  Be forewarned, however, one look at the pics will convince you that next "big find" is right around the corner!

...and maybe it is...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Belated Valentine

I'd like to send a belated valentine out to all of my blog followers who I have disappointed (or lost!) over the past few weeks when my blog posts have been so sparse.  I have lots of ideas, trust me!  And have actually been diligently gathering photos and objects for future posts.  I have simply been overwhelmed with a few projects lately, and, am still settling into the routine of my new job, so please bear with me as I adjust!
 I did have time to take a trip out to Putnam, Connecticut last weekend with a good friend of mine.  We spent hours in that one largest group shop out there.  Literally, we had to leave to eat lunch and return!  We each found a few goodies; most of mine for Carmen & Ginger.  For my own collection (and to share with you here), however, I discovered this great old Rosen candy card.  It is designed to hold a valentine lollypop, so, I added the best one I could find at the moment (although I'd prefer something with a bit more vintage look - red translucent with paper stick at least!).  The dogs look like they are licking the pop and there is a cute message below.  I especially liked it since it was from the Rosen Candy Company from Providence, RI.  This is the same company that made all of those wonderful hard plastic molded candy containers for Christmas and Halloween that are oh-so-collectible these days.  For you; belated, but, the sentiment is real.
One of the projects that has been eating up my time and was just completed is a web-site for my friend James Tanner.  James is a highly skilled carpenter and craftsman living in the greater DC area, in central Virginia.  His work is incredible, and, although sadly uncredited, he put in an enormous amount of work in the Extreme Makeover Home Edition show that just aired this past weekend.  Check out ALL of his work (and my web design!) by clicking here

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feelin' Groovy

I was oh-so-excited to find this box full of vintage Seventeen Magazines for $12 the other day - yippee!  This lot on-line would sell for $50 or more, but, I just want them for the pictures, and ads, and vintage goodness.  My husband even found several articles he is interested in for his book.  The time is perfect - these dating from 1973 - 1975 - for the advent of Women's Lib, African American women being consistently included in the layouts, and, sexual freedom abounding - and for TEENS no less!
I wish I'd had this stack before I photographed all my "hipster" listings for Etsy last week.  (see links above).  I am only halfway through listing, but, have all the pics done.  These magazines, however, will provide new "models" for many photoshoots to come.  And, I suspect, many blog posts to come as well!
Some of the fashion layouts are extremely dated, but, what I love is that some of them look like they could work just as well today!  Look at the two above and tell me what 22 year old would not think this was the bomb?
I think we have here the perfect Etsy spokesmodel.  She is "Pleasing Herself" in her sexy undies while personally crafting the most awesome 1970's flower power halter dress.  Etsy personified!
Lest you think "being crafty" as a youngster is something new, think again!  We are all aware that women regularly made their own clothes right through the 1950's, but, the last big recession, in the early 1970's also spawned a connection between fashion and frugality.  Take a look at the patterns above for creating your own housewares, and, the fashion layout above featured recycled denim!
I mentioned the "deco devival" of the 1970's in one of my recent Carmen and Ginger listings but I had never seen these bags before.  Amazing!  Love the meeting of iconic silent film stars, classic deco metal mesh bags and pop-art!

Before I close this post let me apologize for my recent blogging absence.  I thank all those who recently commented on posts; I finally caught up and posted all your comments - thank you for reading and contributing!  I am happy to announce that I will be taking a Part Time job beginning this month.  I still should have plenty of time to post - no excuses! - and to continue the Etsy shop.  Maybe not with the same intensity as before, but, certainly with a bit more freedom as I will also have a paycheck.  Thank you all for your support and I will be posting more goodies from these incredible magazines soon!




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