Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Belated Valentine

I'd like to send a belated valentine out to all of my blog followers who I have disappointed (or lost!) over the past few weeks when my blog posts have been so sparse.  I have lots of ideas, trust me!  And have actually been diligently gathering photos and objects for future posts.  I have simply been overwhelmed with a few projects lately, and, am still settling into the routine of my new job, so please bear with me as I adjust!
 I did have time to take a trip out to Putnam, Connecticut last weekend with a good friend of mine.  We spent hours in that one largest group shop out there.  Literally, we had to leave to eat lunch and return!  We each found a few goodies; most of mine for Carmen & Ginger.  For my own collection (and to share with you here), however, I discovered this great old Rosen candy card.  It is designed to hold a valentine lollypop, so, I added the best one I could find at the moment (although I'd prefer something with a bit more vintage look - red translucent with paper stick at least!).  The dogs look like they are licking the pop and there is a cute message below.  I especially liked it since it was from the Rosen Candy Company from Providence, RI.  This is the same company that made all of those wonderful hard plastic molded candy containers for Christmas and Halloween that are oh-so-collectible these days.  For you; belated, but, the sentiment is real.
One of the projects that has been eating up my time and was just completed is a web-site for my friend James Tanner.  James is a highly skilled carpenter and craftsman living in the greater DC area, in central Virginia.  His work is incredible, and, although sadly uncredited, he put in an enormous amount of work in the Extreme Makeover Home Edition show that just aired this past weekend.  Check out ALL of his work (and my web design!) by clicking here


  1. We get busy, it is understandable.. luckily in this day and age we all (probably) read your blog in a reader (I use google) so it tells me when you have new post. I don't think you'd lose people from taking a short break.

  2. Thanks Eyeliah, queen of two active daily blogs, fashionista, and Olympic attender!

  3. I, too, have been behind in reading your blogs and just came across this one. Thanks for the shout-out! You did a fabulous job on the site and everyone who has looked at it always comments on it. Kudos to you!


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