Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Bevy of Beautiful Bakelite Bangles

I had been inspired to do a "My Stash" post following the wonderful gift from my mom (who else?) -  a woman of incredible foraging and finding abilities evidenced here - who gave me this lovely carved bangle in unusual bright orange bakelite as part of my Christmas gift.
 I also allowed myself to purchase this hinged confetti beauty on my recent trip to Putnam, CT.  (Always good to bring a friend with you who will say "Yes - buy it!" - thanks Marie!) This one is not actually bakelite, but, Lucite, and what a fab find it is!

It reminds me of this great piece I have had for years that I think I found myself, although, mom, if you actually found it please accept my apologies in advance.
What I love about this one is that is is laminated so that the glitter-infused outside layer is lined in creamy bakelite.  How wonderful!
This pair is especially nostalgic to me.  I found both at Church Fairs not long into my bakelite bangle collecting.  At about 50 cents each, they were very lucky finds, which I realized in later years, as I have not had a similar bakelite find since!
I am pretty cheap when it comes to collecting but I did open my pocketbook for these two in vintage stores.  The top one is just the most beautiful color, and, the bottom has such great texture and deep carving I could not resist!
I can't recall where I found or how I received the top, apple juice bangle, but, the bottom two were a gift from my aunt from her own collection.  Do they make a great trio or what?
Of course, as always, some of the best pieces are finds and gifts from Mom.  Thanks Mom!
If you have a collection, or, are thinking of starting one, there are lots of great books out there with fabulous photos and well-informed guidance about verifying age, materials and authenticity of bakelite bangles.  Be forewarned, however, one look at the pics will convince you that next "big find" is right around the corner!

...and maybe it is...


  1. Oh my gosh, I don't know where to start! I found your blog from your comment on Lisa Congden's collection a day - it's going to take me weeks to look at everything here but it's all so wonderful!

  2. Thanks Erica! Her collections are all neat and orderly, mine are dusty and all over the place - plus, no way I can do it every day! Trying to keep at it though, so, make your way through and keep watching...



  3. Those green striped bangles have always been my favorite. I covet them every time I stay over.

  4. Hmnnn, I think this anonymous covet is from Jill, but, just to be safe, I will now employ a complete frisking and pocket turnout policy for all visitors...


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