Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feelin' Groovy

I was oh-so-excited to find this box full of vintage Seventeen Magazines for $12 the other day - yippee!  This lot on-line would sell for $50 or more, but, I just want them for the pictures, and ads, and vintage goodness.  My husband even found several articles he is interested in for his book.  The time is perfect - these dating from 1973 - 1975 - for the advent of Women's Lib, African American women being consistently included in the layouts, and, sexual freedom abounding - and for TEENS no less!
I wish I'd had this stack before I photographed all my "hipster" listings for Etsy last week.  (see links above).  I am only halfway through listing, but, have all the pics done.  These magazines, however, will provide new "models" for many photoshoots to come.  And, I suspect, many blog posts to come as well!
Some of the fashion layouts are extremely dated, but, what I love is that some of them look like they could work just as well today!  Look at the two above and tell me what 22 year old would not think this was the bomb?
I think we have here the perfect Etsy spokesmodel.  She is "Pleasing Herself" in her sexy undies while personally crafting the most awesome 1970's flower power halter dress.  Etsy personified!
Lest you think "being crafty" as a youngster is something new, think again!  We are all aware that women regularly made their own clothes right through the 1950's, but, the last big recession, in the early 1970's also spawned a connection between fashion and frugality.  Take a look at the patterns above for creating your own housewares, and, the fashion layout above featured recycled denim!
I mentioned the "deco devival" of the 1970's in one of my recent Carmen and Ginger listings but I had never seen these bags before.  Amazing!  Love the meeting of iconic silent film stars, classic deco metal mesh bags and pop-art!

Before I close this post let me apologize for my recent blogging absence.  I thank all those who recently commented on posts; I finally caught up and posted all your comments - thank you for reading and contributing!  I am happy to announce that I will be taking a Part Time job beginning this month.  I still should have plenty of time to post - no excuses! - and to continue the Etsy shop.  Maybe not with the same intensity as before, but, certainly with a bit more freedom as I will also have a paycheck.  Thank you all for your support and I will be posting more goodies from these incredible magazines soon!


  1. oh fun score! I've been really diggin the 70s but have a hard time wearing the look for some reason..... :-) Let me know if you wanna do a giveaway with this latest collection.

  2. OMG I need some of those plaid platform shoes!! They are awesome.

    PS Congrats on the new part-time gig! Sounds like the perfect solution, income you can count on but still leaves you some time to 'play' at what you love that also generates revenue.

  3. That lingerie ad cracks me up. Because there's such a huge difference between the "Puritannical, cover-every-sinful-square-inch set and the one the model is wearing.

  4. i totally rocked those platform shoes back in the day...love plaid. Have a few 17 mags myself.



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