Monday, March 29, 2010


We are returning to our "roots" this week at Carmen and Ginger.  Last year, it was vintage rhinestone jewelry that really put us on the map.  We listed, people loved, we listed more!  A boost in an Etsy Storque Article was a real eye-opener to both the popularity of vintage rhinestone jewelry and the power of being included in an Etsy Storque article!  (I was visiting my parents for a couple of days when the article, unknown to me, was published.  Everytime I clicked on my shop I'd sold 5 more things and had 8 more messages from people wanting more!)
This week we've got great stuff, and, great pics of course!  Our best models are out in full force, ready to entice you to buy!  The listing above is already in the shop; the next three below are soon to be listed...
All the "bling" in the first and last advertising pics are for sale as well; some already listed with much more to come.  We have plenty of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, hair adornments, cufflinks and more!  All gleaming clear rhinestones for your wedding, prom, or, to just look fabulous doing the laundry!

The opening image is currently running as a sidebar ad on OffBeat Bride.  This bottom image was created as an ad to soon run on Craft Cult.  I was in the middle of photographing all the necklaces one at a time on my beautiful vintage 1920's dress form and as I finished, I kept layering them on another form.  I realized how fab they all looked together, so once I was done with the individual pics, I layered tham all back onto the 1920's form for this shot.  I think it looks pretty damn cool, don't you?
What are you looking for in vintage rhinestone?  What always sucks you in? Turns you off?  Do tell, we need some comment love here on our C&G blog!


  1. oh great, so glad you are getting some much deserved exposure, off to read the article. :-)

  2. More a mention than an article, but, I'll take anything! :-)

  3. The earrings that are second in the series of three to be listed are fantastic. I have never seen anything like them.

    I always love looking at anything with an art deco design in the rhinestones. As you know I have a few items that I have collected through the years that even though I rarely wear them I still love looking at them.


  4. I know, they are about 5 inches long! I can't wait to list them as people are going to go crazy over them! I can't tell if they are 1940's and in terrific condition, or, a 40's nod from the late 70's early 80's disco craze. I think they are older...they are amazing!

    Personally, I always liked the pave pieces you had (I still have the bracelet and double-sided stickpin you let me keep). There is just something about pave that I have always loved. I think I will do a post on it soon...

    Thanks Mom!

  5. Wow, you've really exploded your business - I'm so happy for you! The Lyme is still periodically kicking my butt but on good days if you're up for a partner in crime at the flea market when it opens, would love to hit it w/ you. i think i'm mostly back among the land of the living...



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