Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gucci, Gucci, Coo!

The most popular post to date on this blog was my Tiffany Bag find a couple of months ago.  Now granted, that bag also had my mother's initials already monogrammed into it, but, I thought today's find would tickle my readers as well.  Again, at that well-known North American Second-Hand Retailer, I spied this vintage 1970's Gucci bag this afternoon.  What tickles me most about these finds is comparing the items that they set aside, for higher prices, behind glass, compared to the items like this that just make it onto the racks.  They are so accustomed to seeing "fake" designer bags that when a real one comes along they don't even notice! Now, granted, this piece has seen better days and was used a LOT.  At less than $10, however, you just can't go wrong with an original Gucci!  I will likely place this bag in my shop, and, if you have any questions or wish to make an offer just drop me a convo!


  1. OMG! Does it not just KILL you when they have a Juicy Couture bag that they're asking the big bux for and then you find something fab like this!!! I collect copper pots and pans, and believe me, the shiny aluminium ones sell out before the great copper does!

  2. It kills me that people BUY that crap in the first place! But, this is a nice blog, ignore that comment! Thanks for reading and posting!



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