Friday, April 2, 2010

April showers bring...

...a lot of water damage, mold and heartache, especially for many Rhode Island residents.  Thankfully, none of these houses is my own, and, aside from own car-related expenses of this week, my stresses are far fewer and less costly than many of my neighbors'.  Take a moment to think about what it would be like to have your home or business look like this, then add being unemployed for a year and already "underwater" on your mortgage and you will begin to understand life for many Rhode Island residents this week.
On a shamefully lighter note, my true reason for posting is to show the status of my Amaryllis.  I was lucky enough to have both a good friend and generous family member give me Amaryllis bulbs as Christmas gifts.  You know, those bulbs you force to open mid-winter inside your house to bring a spot of color to an otherwise dreary winter?  You may have seen my neighbor's blooms, already on their way out, they look like this:

My blooms, as you can see above, are in slow motion.  My house is so cold that they have taken the past 3 or 4 months to even get started!  At first I had them in the warmest room, but, they would not budge.  Then, after a month or so, I moved them into the sunniest window and about a month after that I saw the first teeny tip if "tongue" poking out of one to tell me it was alive.  Two weeks later the second showed signs of life and they are now both in that 1/2" a day mode.  If this continues, I may have flowers before May!  Not exactly the intention but I'll take them just the same.  Either by luck or design (with these two gift-givers the latter could be true) both bulbs have "double" blooms so when they all open up there should be an abundance of color!


  1. Several people, mostly family but Neil and some guy I play hockey with whom you've never met, all were asking how you fared with the water.

  2. Personally, I fared fine. Others, not so much. Please thank everyone for asking!


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