Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Glorious Spring Day

After a typical New England winter, an abundance of early spring torrential downpours and a battering of hail and lightening earlier this week, Rhode Island experienced a glorious spring day today!  Clear skies, warm sun, cool air; ahhhhhhh.  My husband and I took a trip to historic Bristol, along the lengthy RI coastline, to visit the library, eat some organic lunch and soak up a little sunshine.
Most pictures of Bristol look like the one above.  In fact, I stole this pic (with appropriate credit!) from the town of Bristol site.  It is picturesque and charming, and, they've got a bit of money, so they have quite a nice site for tourists.  And why not?  The East Bay bike path ends there.  It's on the water, there are historical sites, great restaurants, antiques shops and lots of lovely old New England houses to gawk at.  There are plenty of places to walk and sit and just enjoy the view.  Although the waterfront is lovely, I wanted to take pictures of things like this garage door:
My husband said it has no merit but I thought it was fab!  What do you think?
Something about this pair of weathered buildings right along a main street caught my eye.  There are businesses, cars and pedestrians all just beyond this shot, but, I like how the little alley between them ending at the water looks like it leads to a quiet cove in Maine. 
I comment on this bright red fire escape every time we walk by.   I just love the contrast of the bright red paint with the peeling paint of the one building and textured brick of the other.
We really enjoyed the day - how could we not?  And if you visit RI, be sure to visit Bristol. 

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