Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Top Shelf Flea - Calling All Men!

The Top Shelf Flea is just days away and I wanted to send a word out to the guys. Now, I have been posting quite a bit of jewelry and a few colorful dresses here to entice the vintage divas, but, guys, this flea is for YOU! I have a few items for the guys (see some above) as do some of the other vintage clothing dealers to take part. Keep in mind though, that An Affordable Wardrobe is ALL about the guys, as are the goods from Zach! You should hear these two talk about men's clothing, they know their stuff. And speaking of knowing someone's stuff, are you aware that Bobby from Boston has center stage??? He is all about killer vintage for everyone and is taking a day off from outfitting Hollywood stars to peddle his wares in Somerville for YOU! And even if clothes are not your thing, and, even if you are only heading over just to keep a woman company, there are records (vinyl!), books, furniture, and, even a bar if you get really bored. So guys, take note, this one is for YOU!

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