Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bicycle, Bicycle

At the local flea two weekends ago, poking through a box of old papers, I came across this photo.  What a gem!  This to me looked like it must be a famous photo, one that is reproduced on stationery products and posters worldwide.  But, as I looked I realized it was in fact not a photo repro or postcard but the one-off snapshot I'd hoped it was!  In fact, this is confirmed by the fact that at the same time I purchased another 1930's photo of the same woman.  The quality and depth of field is amazing!  Reminds me of a Henri Cartier Bresson photo, which is timely, as my friend Janet just traveled to MOMA to see this exhibit last weekend.   This is a test, Janet, are you reading?  Do you concur?

I thought a vintage bike pic post would be appropriate with the lovely weather we have been enjoying this Spring - my favorite time of the year!  Of course, that was before this heat wave hit New England with my husband and I already sweating before 8:00 this morning lugging the fans and air conditioners upstairs to be installed.  Nonetheless, this should not stop you from enjoying this great pic I found recently of a group of flapper women on vacation heading out for a bike ride.  Check out those 1920's fashions!

And to round out this little selection of photos I will use this opportunity to post this other amazing photo.  This one does not belong to me, but, instead to my uncle Tom.  At a recent family event he brought stacks of photos from his 1950's youth that even his own siblings had never seen!  What a fun afternoon we had looking though all the photos!  He let me borrow a few to scan and this is one of them.  Unfortunately, he could not recall who the hoods - oops! - I mean guys are in this pic.  Probably friends of my uncle's in Boston in the mid to late 1950's.  Look at those practiced slouches!  Something about the bike just coming into the frame reminds us that these guys are young, and, may not have even been able to afford a car.  They sure looked tough, though, eh?

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  1. Great photographs, love those flappers!

    The Red Velvet Shoe
    (getting comment form lazy)


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