Saturday, May 29, 2010


I wanted to list the last of my kitchen items for this week today, and, as I sat at my computer and turned to review which items were left I saw this. (above).  Selling on-line has it's challenges.  You have to constantly add new items, you must be extremely accurate in your descriptions, your photos must be top-notch and the perils of mis-communication or postal mid-deliveries are always looming.  Nothing quite adds to the challenge, however, as having "cat helpers."

I do most of my listing in the evening, especially in the cooler months when "evening" starts so early.  To accomplish this, I have all my photos already taken and often already edited, my notes all ready to work from, and, the items laid out beside me.  When I list jewelry, I like to have it right there so that I can inspect it as I list.  Unfortunately, when you have a kitty being especially needy, she also wants to be RIGHT THERE.  This can pose a challenge to getting things done!   (Note to buyers: please accept my advance apologies for any cat-hair in purchased items and/or packing materials.  I really do clean everything and try my best to keep it neat as it heads out the door!)

My calico does not have a lock on monopolizing real estate at the computer.  Often, even being able to use the keyboard at my leisure is a challenge!

And if you open a shipment from Carmen and Ginger, and, a ginger cat pops out, well, I'll probably - no wait - I will definitely send you the money via Paypal to send the little bugger back to me.  Unless of course you really need a "helper" of your own.


  1. What is it with cats and sitting on the linens?!? You'd think we used catnip fabric softener. And if I got that ginger guy in the mail by accident, I TOTALLY would not tell you. He's adorable.

  2. Don't be surprised if you get a package from me soon and a black helper pops out ...

  3. I got a package, anonymous and it was filled with MANUAL LABOR! ;-)

  4. Sure Salvage Chick, you say that now, but, after 24 hours you'd be offering to drive him back home to Rhode Island! (that's Muzzi)


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