Thursday, May 6, 2010

Doin' The Happy Dance

It has been absolutely gorgeous weather here this week and if there were ever a reason to be doing the happy dance, it should be to show thanks for such sunshine and breeziness!  In my family, however, the "happy dance" is a term more typically applied to "the find."  You know, that great vintage item that you just found at a consignment shop/flea market/rummage sale that you simply cannot believe!  You want to shout from the rooftops but that would cause too much of a scene, so, in your mind (or sometimes, literally, with your feet!) you do a quiet little happy dance.
My most recent happy dance was for this darling vintage art deco copper watering can I spied "on the cart" at that well known and oft-mentioned (by C&G) national thrift retailer.   For those of you unfamiliar with "the cart" this retailer uses giant, double tiered, multi-shelved heavy duty plastic or metal carts for its staff to use to restock items.  Usually once in mid-morning and once in mid-afternoon, there is a round of stocking where carts (objects) and rolling racks (clothing) are maneuvered through the store by the staff.  My mother refers to the "tinkle tinkle" noise of the metal carts that sends her racing over to wherever they may be.  See, this is where, if you are quick, you can grab something BEFORE it even reaches the "selling floor."  So, back to my watering can.  I spied it on a lower shelf.  I moved in, I snatched it up.  (minor happy dance).  I believe it cost me $7.99 which is somewhat high for this retailer, but, I love to collect these beautifully shaped cans (see first pic) so was happy to snap it up for that price.  I was even MORE pleased when I returned home, removed the label from the bottom and saw this:
Hmnn...a Chase!  My $7.99 can was now officially worth at least ten times that.  Sweet!  And since I started this "Where Do You Find That Stuff?" / "Thrift Score" post, I will close with a couple of pics I'd had for a few weeks but had not yet posted.  I returned to one location of same local retailer after realizing I'd neglected to purchase a 1930's Feedsack dress I'd seen there (do NOT ask).  The dress was gone, but, my trip was rewarded when I found this glorious vintage barkcloth on the rack:
Love mid-century but not sure if you should commit to floral or abstract?  Hello!  This has BOTH!  Deep, vibrant, off the bolt never used thick upholstery weight barkcloth.  Oh, I was doing the happy dance all right!  If you look at the pic below, and zoom in, you can see the price I paid.  (Tee hee).  I will offer this in my shop soon, at a little more than that price for sure. But I price fair and you are paying for my shopping proficiency and "happy dancing" skills....  And honestly, where else are you going to find this?

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  1. Great find! I sold one of those recently for almost 10 times what you paid for it, so the market should still be good!! Happy Dance...


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