Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mad Men Revisited

We are still frantically cleaning and researching our vintage tablecloths, but, decided in the meantime to list some pretty pretty spring dresses and jewelry we'd been hoarding!  These items are all perfect for you Mad Men junkies, and, for those of you who simply love to wear something pretty!
 I almost fainted when I found this stunning vintage Luis Estevez dress at a stop on the way home from a recent trip to Connecticut.  With gorgeous colors, fantastic cut and a built-in crinoline, this one has got it all!  About a contemporary size 4/6 - click the photo to be taken to the listing.
Could this stunning baby blue beaded number from Richilene, New York resemble Joan's dress above any more?  Sold through the exclusive Sara Fredericks Boutiques, this one is a beauty!
No Mad Men fashion would be complete without the jewels!  I have been socking away these pretty florals over the winter so you can shop them now.  This beauty above by Coro dates to the late 1950's and is a gem!
More Coro double-heart earrings above in perfect white for spring and summer!  And an exquisite mid-century Marboux brooch below.  It does not get much better than this!  I will try and get these listed shortly, and, will make these pic live when I do.  For now, keep checking the shop for these and a number of other gems of the same time period!


  1. Funny how slender Joan & Peggy are in these photos compared to how they pad them to be on the show, where they appear much more voluptuous & dowdy in that order! You must come see the FASHION WEEK at Salvage Chic extravaganza next weekend... Betty Draper would be buying it all up, if she could fight off Mary Tyler Moore. Hope to see you there!


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