Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poly Wanna Dress?

So all this week it seems I have been one step behind my friend Michelle over at The Red Velvet Shoe.  Sheesh!  I need to get an earlier start!  Somehow still, the luck of the merchandising draw allowed me to find a cache of NOS 1970's dresses still with the tags one day after Ms. Tales from a Vintage Wardrobe cruised through a local shop!  Although most are made for someone more svelte than I, these two above were available in my size, one ivory and one blue.
 Everything I found that day still had all the original hangtags.  There is something charming about the crudeness of tags in the 1970's. Designed for mass-marketing, and major movement, they are no way as pretty as those decades preceding.  There is something wonderful, however, about the bold designs, matte finish, block lettering and primary colors that preceded the over-the-top glossiness of the eighties.
Back to this dress pair.  I am considering keeping one for myself, but, although they fit, they are the last two colors I would choose.  I am a warm red or green person, not a blue or ivory person.  I figured I'd model them though, so you can take a look and tell me what you think.  Are they special enough or not so much?  Is the color or cut doing anything for me?  Clearly the simple design calls for jewelry.  I'm thinking the ivory may be the keeper for me as it would look great with some bold, colorful summer jewelry.
Your thoughts?

 Here I am with everything else I found that day.  I actually bought three of the same exact mini dress!  Each has the most awesome design with birds and flowers, and a cool matching belt with a great bright red mod buckle.  (see detail above) Who can resist?  The two two-piece sets are classic 1930's inspired 1970's - the short skirts are very flirty!  Lastly, the one hanging on the wall has long sleeves with a mini and great color-block design.  Looks like a stewardess dress from the same time period.  There were three, but, two had smudges of something that I decided to leave and just focus on the one.  In case you are wondering how I know these are from the 1970's, aside from the cut, tags, sizes, and designs, take a look at this spread from a 1974 Seventeen and tell me I'm wrong!


  1. Wow, you scored on the dresses. Yes,keep one for yourself!!!! I love the mini's too. I know you were excited. I have never found that many in one hunt.

  2. I used to wear the mini's like that - to be 23 again! - but, I don't think they'd generate the same feedback on me lately! I will take your advice - 1 vote to keep a dress - yay!


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