Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Those Vintage Tablecloths

I have posted about vintage tablecloths before; collecting and cleaning...and some selling.  Today we will again talk about selling, and discovery!  For instance, the other day I found these upstairs while looking for a vintage apron for the Top Shelf Flea:
It's not that I did not know I had cloths, I had just forgotten I had THESE cloths!  All laundered last fall and neatly put away to list in the spring. They were a pleasant surprise to me!   I was aware I had these two groups below:
Living in New England, I buy these where I can find them over the long winter months, then, take them out for the grand cleaning, spot removal and fresh air drying at this time of year!  These run the gamut from cutters to mint.  I'll need to give them a good washing and inspection to list and price appropriately.  What is certain is that there is something here for everyone!  Heck, I already set one aside (pre-photo shoot) to keep for my own collection!
Everything you see here will soon be for sale at Carmen and Ginger.  Keep watching, as these beauties will not last long!

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