Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thrift Score Overload!

I never tire of reading stories of others' "Thrift Scores" and I know that the posts I do here are some of the most popular with my readers.  That is why I had to immediately post this link to a recent New York Times piece sent to me by a good friend (who reads the Times daily, unlike me!) in which readers upload their best vintage finds with little stories about each.  Warning - it is addictive!

In case you are wondering, the amazing 1960's Flower Power Hippie meets St. Pauli Girl Butterfly Dirndl dress I show above was found at a local thrift.  I plan to list it in the next few weeks, so, it may become your "I found this amazing dress on Etsy!" story as well!

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  1. I somehow missed the whole section this morning on the Thrift Scores. I read the article about the New York places to buy used items and thought that was it. I loved reading all of the different scores that people had from all over the country. MOM


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