Monday, May 3, 2010

Top Shelf Flea - A Success!

What a blast!  The Top Shelf Flea opened its doors yesterday at noon and a flood of hardcore vintage shoppers poured in!  Our collective apologies for not being entirely ready; next event we'll negotiate for more set-up time!  Undeterred, those who came, gazed, drooled, scanned, foraged, asked questions, tried on, modeled, got their best friend's/partner's/spouse's opinion and left happy!   Carmen & Ginger was so grateful to all who came by to shop or just to say "Hi!."  It was great to meet some C&G on-line customers in person, and, to make some new friends along the way!   Remember, if you have any regrets about a Carmen & Ginger item that you passed by, drop me a note!  If I have it in inventory I can post in my on-line shop for you.
The Pop's - mom and daughter serious vintage shopping team with exquisite taste!

Theresa and Gabe from Emerson, shopping for themselves AND for Mom - how sweet you two are!

The rockin' women from Raspberry Beret.  Visit their Cambridge shop any time!

The guy who put it all together, Joe from An Affordable Wardrobe.

The picture of upscale vintage elegance, Michelle from The Red Velvet Shoe.

Charming Nimco peddles her amazing enamelwares!

The luscious ladies of Artifaktori have an endless supply of vintage treasures...

My husband was a HUGE help in carrying stuff at home and on the road.  And, he drove the rental van back for me at the end of the day when I was dog-tired.  Do you think buying him dinner at the Asian Palace was enough thanks? (Seriously though, read the reviews, this place is a hidden treasure!)

My apologies to all the other vendors of whom I did NOT manage to snap a photo.  The place was seriously hoppin' straight for hours and I was only able to take some pics once things settled down.  And even then, the customers were calling!  Other vendors included Swamp Rabbit Books, Zachary DeLuca Vintage, Doc & Gam's Used Records, Sunshine Lucy's and Bobby from Boston.  People were already asking when we will do the next one, so, Joe's brain is already considering an event for the fall!  Bookmark this site, his site, and, all other links here to keep on top of all things vintage!


  1. A great post~flea post by C&G! Had a great time working alongside you, and thank you for the compliment.
    Now it's time to recuperate...

  2. Thanks Michelle - told you you'd like that picture! Even the "look back over your shoulder" is vintage! :-)

  3. It was so great to meet you and discover your amazing store at the flea. I got two big thumbs up from my gentleman when I got home with my purchases.

  4. Great to meet you too! Thanks for your purchases...we LOVE enabler/supportive husbands in the vintage clothing biz!!! :-)

  5. Hey there,

    It was so nice to meet you this weekend. Great post and pictures! Looking forward to doing it again...hopefully soon!

    x Artifaktori

    ps. now that we know you have a blogspot, we'll link you in to vintage we love :)


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