Friday, May 28, 2010

Welcome to my kitchen...

I have been a long-time collector of all things vintage kitchen.  I just love the colors and whimsy and streamlined designs of kitchen items from the middle of the last century.  As I prepared my first round of Etsy vintage kitchen listings, I decided to look back at some vintage kitchen photos for fun.
I have also been collecting vintage magazines for years, and, the illustrated ads from the 1940's and 1950's magazines simply cannot be matched!  Look at this wonderful red and green kitchen above powered by GAS.

 Here is another beauty with wonderful Kentile floors and delightful scalloped overhanging soffit with backlighting - wow!

What amazes me about these pics is how little the basics have changed over the years.  Once kitchen counters became the norm in the 1930's they stuck.  Closed cabinets, some open shelving and at least one sunny window are still the norm.  About the only thing lost in many of today's kitchens is the charm!

I know I had more of these vintage Simtex tablecloths ads - in fact, I had two featuring Russel Wright pinch glasses and American Modern! - unfortunately I pulled those out and set them aside at one point and now I cannot find the darn things!  This Simtex ad was still in one of my magazines, though, so I will share it here.

This week at Carmen and Ginger we have started listing our large cache of vintage tablecloths!   We have so many we have been squirreling away all winter.  They are all cleaned and photographed and we will be listing them in groups - along with a few other vintage kitchen themed goodies - over the next month or so.  This week we've started with a bunch of bright yellows.  This one above is just my favorite!

Other items include this fab deco styled pitcher, an, abundance of awesome vintage Meyercord decals, canister sets, glassware, and more! 

In researching our vintage tablecloth listings, I was  reminded that these were a staple of the mid-20th century.  They were not just used for special occasions, but, to add color, cleanliness and protection to the table for all occasions, indoors and out.  This is why they are so prized when found in good condition.  These babies were used!   In looking through some photos in my collection I found this great mid-1950's pic of these two guys at a picnic.  I love that they are wearing suit jackets!  Notice that lovely printed tablecloth dressing up the outdoor table.  Instant upscale!

Carmen and Ginger is not the only Etsy seller to offer great vintage tablecloths at this time of year..  There are many beautiful options on Etsy if you take a look around.  The cloth above is offered by my mom in her shop FindMeAMemory.

Or how about this beauty from CinfulOldies!

 Or this Simtex stunner from HarrietsDaughter!

So take a deep breath of that fresh spring air, take stock of your vintage summer entertaining needs and take a look at what awesome items are available on Etsy!


  1. Oh, I love this Blog! Thanks so much for including my vintage Plum Lily Tablecloth.

  2. Thanks for showing my tablecloth listed on Etsy. I think that first picture is my dream kitchen. I love everything about it. I love to look at old pictures of kitchens in magazines and when I watch old movies I am always searching the backgrounds of kitchen scenes to see what they have as props. I too do not get the new steamlined kitchens that have all started to look alike. They all must have tile floors, marble countertops and stainless steel appliances. They are very cold looking to me and I don't feel as if anyone is enjoying being in them. MOM


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