Monday, May 24, 2010

Where Do You Find That Stuff? - Spring Flea

I have mentioned this twice-annual flea on the South Shore of Massachusetts here in the past, so, no surprise I was there in yesterday's gorgeous weather!   In my attempt to document the beautiful items I did NOT buy, I snapped a pic of these chairs (above).  Any regular readers of this blog may have noticed that nine out of the ten times I show a pic of something I saw that I loved but did not buy, it is something to sit on!  What can I say?; I love chairs!
And, speaking of chairs, although I was unable to afford the multi-color beauties up top for $75 each, I WAS able to find these great Lyon industrial stools for $30 for the pair!  My husband and I had been looking at just these 18" square-seat stools for our kitchen remodel.  We will likely remove the seat backs and add casters for our plan.  They do still sell these new, but, this pair new would retail for over $200!   Also, since this design has not changed in years, the casters are readily available.  Win win!
Sometimes when I step back and look at these things I wonder why I enjoy them  so much?  The noise, the dirt and the cigar smoke alone can make it somewhat unpleasant.  Hunting for stuff is in my blood, however (I met my parents there and shopped with Mom as she looked for her Etsy Shops.) and I actually meet lovely people throughout the day each time.  Gorgeous spring weather is a plus!
It also is funny to review the selection of items that come from such things!  From a menagerie of dust, cigarettes, trucker hats and bowie knives I cull mid-century handbags, glittering necklaces and Bakelite baubles!
...and some great hard-plastic ornaments for my Christmas wreaths!

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