Monday, June 21, 2010

Amaryllis Revisited

As you might recall, I posted a couple of times over the past few months about the two Amaryllis bulbs I received as Christmas gifts.  I lamented about the fact that they took about 5 months to bloom, and, were somewhat squat, although the flowers were brilliant!  Well,  being the not-so-diligent housekeeper that I am, after the blooms had passed I cut them back but had not really attended to them. Should I toss the bulbs, or, attempt to save them until next year?  As I debated, I left the cut bulbs in the pots.  Next thing I know, one of them had sent up a shoot.

Up and up and up it goes; bursting at the top into three more gorgeous blooms!  This time it topped out at 27" - quite a feat!  And a treat, as if to say, "Sorry for the delay with the first batch, take this second batch as my way of saying 'I'm Sorry.'"

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  1. Who knew? That's so neat. Next time I'll cut mine back, too, and see what happens. How low did you cut the foliage?


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